Got the late August bluesey-woozies, my fellow Americans? What better way to chase them than with another collection of PFLNs -- otherwise known as Perfect Fit Last Names?

Who's the property clerk at the Military Sealift Command on Wisconsin Avenue? None other than Reggie Lockett.

There's a spokesman at the Internal Revenue Service named Scott Waffle (thanks, Paul M. Feine).

Even better: a spokesman for the Cunard steamship line named Gordon Gushee (courtesy of Ben Cranston of Silver Spring).

Better still: the public relations director at McDermott Corp. He's Paul R. Miracle -- who, of course, refers to himself as P.R. Miracle (much obliged, Scott Peters of Potomac).

Robert Franklin of Charlottesville passes along the name of an economics professor at The University of Tennessee-Martin. He's Parker Cashdollar.

Anne Jo Bruneau of Rockville well recalls the name of her dentist back in the old days in Chicago. It was Polk Akers.

The pastor of Christ Lutheran Church in Bethesda? It's Nicki Parrish (tip of the hat to Harry C. Cromer, also of Bethesda).

Two classics from Charlie Clark of Alexandria: Classic One -- a researcher at Time-Life Books, assigned to the cooking series. She's Barbara Sause. Classic Two -- the auto parts specialist at the Department of Commerce. He's Robert Otto Reck (his buddies call him Crash).

"Dear Bob," begins the note. "I also have a PFLN. My name is Shawn Gritz of Silver Spring , and as you might guess, I was a cook for two years."

Thanks, Kathy Thomas and Carol Fyfe, for that Reston realtor named Vicky Greathouse.

Can you believe that Jewell Rich of Vienna works for Kay Jewelers? Believe it. And can you believe that Jewel McGarry of Reston used to work for a jeweler named Irwin Pearl? Believe that, too.

There's a podiatrist in Southern Maryland named Joel Hertz. There's a dentist in Manassas named Jackson Payne. And there's a dentist in Taft, Calif., named Dr. Pullum, says Joan Dowd of Dumfries.

Jini Webster, an insurance broker in Waldorf, has a client who owns a ladies' underwear business. Her name is Vicky Hosier.

It's a quarter of a century since Abigail K. James of Orange, Va., attended St. Catherine's School in Richmond. But she hasn't forgotten -- and won't soon forget -- the name of the dietitian. It was Mrs. Hash.

Joanne Neborak lives in an apartment building in Arlington whose electrician is named Bill Watt.

Smokey Jones of Alexandria writes to say that a carpentry contractor who buys regularly from his lumber company is named Arthur Longerbeam.

Kathy Kiely of Southeast is still chuckling over the name of the guy who runs the neighborhood deli. He's Chuck Burger.

Thank you, John R. Groves, for the name of your boss, Curt Buss. And what do Messrs. Groves and Buss do? They repair Metrobuses.

"Hi!" writes Kathi Penley of Springfield. "Have I got a PFLN for you! Her name is Bobbi Barber, and she is my hairstylist!"

Somebody at the State Department has a marvelous sense of humor. For four years, Rita Champagne worked in State's alcohol awareness program. Her predecessor: Maureen Drinkard.

Another dentist with a lot to explain. He's out in Potomac, and his name is Bernard Schugar (muchas gracias, Babs Morin).

Who's the star high jumper for the University of Maryland track team? He's the one, the only, the highflying Michael Lofty (thanks to Eli Levine of Hyattsville).

"In one semester at Georgetown University," writes Juliette Weinstein of Chevy Chase, "I took a course in religion, taught by Nina Church, and an art course, taught by Daniel Brush."

Not to be outdone, there's a horticulture professor at the University of Maryland named Bernard Twigg (appreciate the tip, Susanne M. Humphrey of Wheaton).

You can't tend lawns without getting grass-stained, sweaty and generally grungy. Which is why Arthur Bolstein found the name of Hydro Lawn's vice president/operations so funny. It's Robert G. Grubb.

The lawyer for the Frustaci septuplets was none other than Andrew Wallet.

The most famous dermatologist in all of Clinton, Md., is David Spott (thanks, Helene Smith, Sue Guss and Barbara Marshall).

And the former tax collector in Canyon, Tex.? Jo Zukav of Rockville will always remember Bill Money.