It's that time of year again. Store windows and magazine pages are full of fall fashions. Your closet cries out for a new wardrobe but though the silhouette for fall is slimmer, the prices are not.

Instead, it may be time to think about enrolling in one of the many sewing classes offered locally.

Sewing your own clothes means having the color, fit and quality you seek, and also provides a creative outlet. If you think your busy schedule won't allow it, think again. Classes today are geared toward the person with no time to sew. Many classes are held evenings and weekends and some can be arranged to fit your schedule.

You can already sew? Then choose an advanced class to sharpen those skills for more intricate patterns.

The newest innovation in sewing machines, the surger, is another time-saving reason to try your hand at making your own clothes. "The surger is to home sewing what the microwave was to cooking," says Michael Gordon of Maryland Sewing Machine and Vacuum Cleaner. "It's a sewing tool that saves you 70 to 80 percent of your sewing time by sewing and trimming as you go." This overlock machine, which until recently was used only commercially, finishes the edges of your fabric as you sew.

Listed below are some of the classes in the area providing instruction for every level of sewing skill, meeting days and evenings, weekdays and weekends, and focusing on everything from beginners to blue jeans to bridal. Because we are unable to include all the details, please call the numbers listed for further information.