"A lot of people think you have to have talent, which is just not true," says Commander Mark. "In this show, you just have to draw."

Commander Mark has some advice for "Secret City" would-be club members:

*Bring paper and pencil "and a big smile with you to watch the show. The kids are going to use so much paper. So it's good to have lots of paper on hand. Scrap paper is fine."

*Draw 20-30 minutes a day. "You have to develop habits just like with a music instrument. To accomplish something, you've got to practice." The series, he says, will enable children "to learn to take responsibility."

*A Secret City Activity Kit will be made available to viewers for $11.95, including postage. It shows "how to take that drawing into children's everyday lives" and includes an instruction book (which goes through the Seven Magic Words in detail), markers and pencils, an eraser, a starter drawing pad and an official membership card. It also goes into more complicated concepts, such as color balance. There will be illustrative drawings by child artists.

*The following Maryland stations will air the show today at 5 p.m. -- WMPT Annapolis (22/67); WAY Frederick (62); WCPB Salisbury (28); WWPB Hagerstown (31); WAB Oakland (36). WNVT Falls Church (53 only, not 56) will air the show next Monday at 6:30. WHMM Washington (32) will air the show next Monday at 11:30 a.m.