Hollywood and television have fed off each other's successes for years. And sometimes the spinoff -- be it movie or TV show -- has scarcely resembled the original. Consider the following "borrowed" movie/shows and their players.

1. Besides "M*A*S*H," films about the armed forces have spawned many TV shows. Which show was first a movie? a. "Combat!" b. "The Wackiest Ship in the Army." c. "The Gallant Men."

2. This actor appeared in both the film and television version of "Fame": a. Gene Anthony Ray. b. Barry Miller. c. Paul McCrane.

3. Westerns have supplied material for many a TV show. Which series was first a James Stewart film? a. "The Virginian." b. "Shane." c. "Broken Arrow."

4. Which of these TV series about a woman did not originate from, or result in, a film? a. "Alice." b. "Angie." c. "Our Miss Brooks."

5. Match the actor with his television role: 1. Gregory Harrison. 2. Roger Smith. 3. John Houseman. 4. John Vivyan. 5. Roy Thinnes. a. Doug Roberts, "Mr. Roberts." b. Charles Kingsbury, "The Paper Chase." c. Mr. Lucky, "Mr. Lucky." d. Logan, "Logan's Run." e. Ben Quick, "The Long Hot Summer."

6. The supernatural and science fiction genres provided many ideas for television. Which series had the same name as a Rex Harrison film? a. "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir." b. "A Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea." c. "Topper."

7. Comedies? They're made into sitcoms, of course. This TV show found an audience as a live television play and then a film before becoming a series: a. "The Odd Couple." b. "Mr. Roberts." c. "No Time For Sergeants."

8. Who played the same detective on both film and TV? a. Richard Roundtree. b. Lou Gossett. c. James Earl Jones.

9. This film led to both a daytime and a prime time serial: a. "Dr. Kildare." b. "Peyton Place." c. "The Long Hot Summer."

10. What foreign film became a TV series of the same name? a. "A Man and a Woman." b. "The New Land." c. "Z."

11. Which of these Frank Capra films was not made into a TV series of the same name? a. "Lady for a Day." b. "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington." c. "Mr. Deeds Goes to Town."

12. Which actor did not play the same role on film and TV? a. Michael Rennie, "The Third Man." b. Bo Svenson, "Walking Tall." c. Roddy McDowall, "Planet of the Apes."

BONUS: This unusual daytime serial led to two films with titles that bore, in part, the same name. What was the show and what were the movies? QUIZ -- Here are the answers to the quiz on page 23.

1. b, "The Wackiest Ship in the Army."

2. a, Gene Anthony Ray.

3. c, "Broken Arrow."

4. b, "Angie."

5. 1-d, Gregory Harrison played Logan in "Logan's Run"; 2-a, Roger Smith was Doug Roberts in "Mr. Roberts"; 3-b, John Houseman was Charles Kingsbury in "The Paper Chase"; 4-c, John Vivyan was Mr. Lucky in "Mr. Lucky"; 5-e, Roy Thinnes was Ben Quick in "The Long Hot Summer."

6. a, "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir."

7. c, "No Time for Sergeants."

8. a, Richard Roundtree was detective John Shaft in "Shaft," the film and the TV show.

9. b, "Peyton Place."

10. b, "The New Land."

11. a, "Lady for a Day."

12. a, Michael Rennie was Harry Lime, "The Third Man," on TV. Orson Welles played an evil Lime in the 1949 film. Rennie's character, by contrast, sought and fought for justice.

BONUS -- "Dark Shadows" led to "The House of Dark Shadows" and "The Night of Dark Shadows."