Paper Moon restaurant in Georgetown has all the makings of a smart, trendy New York restaurant . . . a long, curved bar, decorative neon lighting, good prices, lots of open space for strutting and showing off toned bodies and trendy clothes.

But you are quickly reminded that this is Washington, not New York, when Bob, the doorman, stops a guest in a tapestry sweater, stretch pants and sneakers. The dress code: no sneakers and no shorts. If restaurants in SoHo and NoHo and on Columbus Avenue in New York had such a rule, they'd be empty -- the entire fashion crowd would be forced to give up their favorite restaurants.

"Just following the owners' rules," Robert Gabriel, the doorman, told prospective diners Monday night. "There are so many kids in Georgetown, we are just trying to keep the place nice," says manager Lisa Roempke.

Woody Allen and others who like the comfort of sneakers wouldn't have this problem across town at Le Pavillon. "If they wear gold lame' sneakers, I wouldn't turn them away," says owner and manager Janet Cam. "Filmmakers come in wearing leather ties and bright yellow jackets and what can I say -- it's a coat and tie. We allow funky chic here.