Tonight (Channel 7 at 9), "Dynasty" is back, but the big question is who will be back with it? Who, that is, survived last spring's terrorist assault on Amanda Carrington and Prince Michael's royal wedding and the royally decked out crowd in attendance?

Standing in the supermarket line, looking at those pictures of the "Dynasty" cast in a bloody heap on the cover of the National Enquirer, it's impossible to tell who survived and who didn't. "DYNASTY'S CATHERINE OXENBERG," reads the caption on Glamour magazine's cover photo of Oxenberg, who plays Amanda Carrington, "DEAD OR ALIVE?"

Still, most seasoned "Dynasty" fans figure out survival lists with the same acumen that Aaron Spelling uses to figure it out. Whose contract gets renewed? Whose doesn't?

Alive, surely, are the people that you -- and the show -- can't live without: Blake Carrington (John Forsythe), his wife Krystle (Linda Evans), Alexis (Joan Collins), Jeff (John James, who's got his own spinoff coming up in November), etc.

Dead, reportedly, are: Michael's father (Joel Fabiani), King Galen of Moldavia, a tiny principality of indeterminate location; Luke Fuller (William Campbell), Steven Carrington's lover; and Lady Ashley (Ali MacGraw), the jet-setter photographer.

Returned from the dead: Fallon, Blake's daughter (this, of course, is old news; they've hired a new actress, Emma Samms, to play her).

Amanda and Michael, it is believed, survive their own wedding. What producer would kill off Catherine Oxenberg when the mere sight of her has millions of men drooling over their television sets? Besides, this leaves plenty of opportunity for Amanda to sigh to Blake Carrington in her little British pout, "Oh, Dat-ty, I don't know waht to do."