The tops of my running shoes are in good shape but I have holes in the soles. Is there someplace where I can have them professionally resoled?

The Cobbler Shoppe of Georgetown, 1633 Wisconsin Ave. NW, will repair and resole all kinds of running shoes. By the way, such shoes are worth repairing only if the mid-sole is still soft and the counter in the back of the shoe is still straight, according to Marshall Woodruff, owner of The Cobbler Shoppe.

I'd like to find a good assortment of handwoven fabrics to sew myself. Is there a catalogue of such things?

There is now an excellent collection of handwoven textured wool fabrics and coordinated yarns available through a local firm called Picks Handwoven Fabrics, 3316 Circle Hill Rd., Alexandria, Va. 22305. The catalogue of swatches costs $3 and includes guidelines for sewing with handwoven fabrics.

I've heard you can bite pearls to tell if they are real or fake. Does it work?

A genuine pearl -- real or cultured -- has a somewhat gritty surface; an imitation pearl is perfectly smooth. Run the pearls gently between your teeth. You will sense the difference and you won't damage the pearls.

I'm a beginning knitter and keep having problems with the gauge of my stitches. As a result, things never fit exactly right. Is there anything I can use to measure the gauge of my work?

The Knitter'srule is an 18-inch transparent plastic ruler with drawings of nine popular gauges, from two to six inches. You can put the plastic ruler over your stitches and measure the size. You will then know if you need to change needle size or tighten the stitches to match the instructions. Available from Yarns and Twines, 5008 Connecticut Ave. NW, at $5.75.

Will women be wearing boots this fall? I was wondering if I should bother to have my boots resoled and reheeled.

Boots, particularly those with the same proportions as riding boots, will continue to be popular this fall, not only to wear with jodhpurs but with long skirts. And many young women will pair up stirrup pants with low boots.