THE FIRST-EVER Wammies, a.k.a. the Washington Area Music Awards, are this Sunday night at Lisner Auditorium. Wrapped around the awards ceremony itself are performances of more music -- and types of music -- than human beings are normally allowed to hear in one night. All of it -- from jazz to pop, go-go to gospel, rap to rock, hardcore to bluegrass -- is homegrown.

The evening, during which some 40 awards will go to the winners among more than 200 nominees, starts on the sidewalk out front at 6, with performances by street singer Bob Devlin, the Junkyard Band, the Derby Brothers and Steppin' Out.

Inside, at 7, there'll be performances by Paul Barerre & Catfish Hodge, Celtic Thunder, Jonathan Edwards, the Seldom Scene, Flora Molton, the Nighthawks, 9353, Wintley Phipps, Redds & the Boys, the Slickee Boys and Gil Scott-Heron, with appearances by Emmylou Harris, Joan Jett, Chuck Brown, Chip Franklin, Bill Harris, Ratso and others. The house band -- conductor Paul Christianson's Wama Jamas -- is actually J.T. Brown, Jon Carroll, John Jennings, Robbie Magruder and Steuart Smith.

Tickets to the show, co-sponsored by Kodak, the City Paper and the Washington Area Music Association Inc., are $17.50 per; they include admission to a post-show party with music by the D.C. go-go group Class Band and, tentatively, assorted local rockabilly stars. Not your average black-tie- optional cocktail party, in other words.