Challenger Gary Kasparov slugged his way to another draw in the 10th game of the world chess championship match Saturday in Moscow. Trailing by one point in a match that is limited to 24 games, Kasparov has to win at least two games to defeat Anatoly Karpov, who remains champion if the match ends in a draw.

This strategic reality is reflected in the aggressive style of Kasparov's play in recent games, though a hard-hitting style is congenial to his temperament in any case.

Karpov, a player temperamentally inclined to quiet moves and relatively uncomplicated positions, has a match situation that suits his style. He showed an essentially pacifist mood in move 12, tucking a bishop away in a quiet corner and an essentially passive posture, but he remained alert for Kasparov's threats and neutralized them without serious problems.

At the same time, he set little (and rather transparent -- perhaps contemptuous) traps, offering Kasparov several pawn captures that would have been disastrous.

The challenger avoided these traps but was tempted into an exchange of rook for knight and two pawns. This allowed him attacking chances but also gave Karpov an opportunity to launch a sharp assault.

In the final moves, both players were threatening checkmate, but Karpov's threat of Qxf7ch followed by Qxg7, mate, was more immediate, so Kasparov decided to go for a draw.

His apparent offer of a knight on moves 34 and 36 is illusory; if Rxf2, then black wins with Rc1ch. Also fictitious is the apparent knight offer on move 35; if 35. gxh3, then black can capture a rook and secure a winning position with 35. . . . Qc5ch.

The situation therefore dictated a draw by repetition of moves.


1. e4c5 2. Nf3d6 3. d4cxd4 4. Nxd4Nf6 5. Nc3a6 6. Be2e6 7. 0-0Be7 8. f40-0 9. Kh1Qc7 10. a4Nc6 11. Be3Re8 12. Bg1Rb8 13. Qd2e5 14. Nb3Na5 15. Nxa5Qxa5 16. Ba7Ra8 17. Be3Qb4 18. Qd3Be6 19. f5Bd7 20. Ra3Qa5 21. Rb3b5 22. axb5axb5 23. Nxb5Bc6 24. Bf3Rab8 25. c4Qa8 26. Bg5Bxe4 27. Bxe4Nxe4 28. Bxe7Rxe7 29. Ra3Qc6 30. b4h5 31. Na7Rxa7 32. Rxa7Rxb4 33. Qf3Rxc4 34. Qxh5Nf2ch 35. Kg1Nh3ch 36. Kh1Nf2ch 37. Kg1Drawn