Among author Carol Botwin's suggestions on how to make sex good (and keep it that way) in long-term relationships:Pay attention to your sex life. It will not just take care of itself. Make time for sex. Give it top priority. Set aside prime time when you aren't exhausted. Continue to court each other. Say "I love you" unexpectedly; give signs of affection, such as hugs and kisses, apart from sexual situations. Communicate about sex to your partner. Be clear on sexual signals. One partner's going to bed early may signal that he wants to make love; going to bed late may be a way of saying, "I'm not interested." Create privacy. Install a lock on the bedroom door and teach children to knock before entering. Put the TV in another room and encourage children to read and do gymnastics elsewhere.Make use of fantasies and other aids to enhance interest and excitement.Don't expect sex to be great all the time. "Not every sexual experience can be fantastic. Even when two partners are sexually compatible, it is normal for sex sometimes to be good, sometimes so-so, sometimes disappointing -- and with luck, sometimes wonderful."Remember that the foundation of good sex in a commited relationship is trust and respect for your partner.Don't let a problem go on too long before attending to it. "Sometimes just by talking together about a minor problem you can solve it before it gets out of hand. If, however, you can't solve it by yourselves, see an expert."