Actuarial tables predict the average life expectancy of the statistically convenient but nonexistent "average" person. But it is possible to alter those averages by the way you live, work and play, and by the risks you take or avoid in your daily life. Heredity, which you can't change, also plays a part in the formula -- but so do health, fitness, personality and family life, things you can change.

Each day 30 Americans reach the age of 100. Where do you stand? Family Life/Personality

1. Are you single and under 40? (0) married? (0) single and over 40? (-6 months) Divorced and under 40? (-6 months) Widowed? (-6 months) Single, widowed or divorced and in a continuing relationship? (0)

2. Is your home life extremely calm? (+6 months) Average? (0) unusually tense with family strife? (-9 months)

3. Do you have close friends or family with whom you can discuss problems? Yes. (+3 months) No. (-6 months)

4. Do you have one or more children under 16? (-3 months) Under 16 and you and your spouse both are employed full time? (-9 months)

5. Are you generally satisfied with your sexual activity? Yes. (+9 months) No. (0)

6. Are you good-natured and easy-going? (+3 months) Tense and nervous most of the time? (-6 months) Flexible? (+3 months) Determined to do it your way at all times? (-3 months) None of the above. (0)

7. Are you a Type A personality (very competitive, always rushed, do many things at once)? (-6 months) Type B personality (not competitive, never rushed, take things one at a time)? (+6 months) Somewhere in between? (0)

8. Do you live in a city? (-6 months) Suburb? (0) small town or on a farm? (+3 months)

Subtotal Fitness

9. Do you get 20-30 minutes of vigorous exercise at least three times a week? (+12 months) Once a week or less? (0) rarely or never? (-12 months)

10. Do you eat or drink the following every day: Skim or low-fat milk only (+3 months) High-fiber foods (+3 months) Meat three times a day? (-6 months) Over 2 pats of butter? (-6 months) Over four cups of coffee, tea or cola? (-6 months) Salt, added at the table? (-6 months)

11. Are you within the ideal weight range for your sex, height and frame? Ideal range or less? (+3 months) For each 5 pounds over ideal (-2 months)

12. Do you smoke? Never? (+6 months) Occasionally? (0) moderately, 20 cigarettes, 5 pipefuls or 5 cigars daily? (-12 months) Heavily, 40 or more cigarettes daily? (-24 months) Marijuana frequently? (-24months)

13. Do you drink alcohol? Never or seldom? (+6 months) Moderately, less than two beers, 8 oz. of wine or 2 oz. of hard liquor daily? (-6 months) Heavily? (-24 months)

14. Is your blood pressure above normal (under age 40 -- above 130/80; over age 40 -- above 140/90)? (-12 months) Normal? (0)

15. Is your cholesterol above normal (under age 40 -- above 200; over age 40 -- above 220)? (-6 months)

Subtotal Work and Play

16. Is your job satisfaction above average? (+3 months) Average? (0) below average? (-6 months)

17. Do you work in a city? (-6 months) Suburb? (0) small town or on a farm? (+3 months)

18. Do you participate regularly in activities or hobbies outside your job? Yes. (+3 months) No. (-3 months)

19. Do you drive less than 20,000 miles annually with seat belts? (+3 months) and seldom use seat belts? (0) more than 20,000 miles annually with seat belts? (-12 months) and seldom use seat belts? (-15 months)

20. Do you take a vacation at least once a year? Yes. (+6 months) No. (-6 months)

Subtotal Health

21. Do you use prescription or over-the-counter drugs only when prescribed, following instructions carefully? (0) frequently, following instructions carefully? (-12 months) Frequently, not following instructions? (-24 months) Do you use street drugs? (-36 months)

22. Do you have a heart murmur? Innocent (functional)? (0) not innocent (organic resulting from disease)? (-24 months) With a history of rheumatic fever? (-48 months)

23. Do you have asthma? Occasional attacks? (-3 months) Regular attacks? (-6 months) Chronic? (-12 months)

24. Are you exposed to air pollution? Virtually never? (0) regularly? (-3 months) Regularly in substantial amounts? (-9months)

25. Do you have diabetes? Yes, not insulin dependent. (-18 months) Yes, insulin dependent. (-24 months)

26. Do you have regular medical checkups? Complete. (+12 months) Partial. (+6 months)

27. Do you have twice-yearly dental checkups? Yes. (+3 months) No. (0)

Subtotal For Women Only

28. Do you have a family history of breast cancer? Mothers? Sisters? (-6 months) No. (0)

29. Do you examine your breasts monthly? Yes. (+6 months) No. (0)

30. Do you get a yearly breast examination from your doctor? Yes. (+6 months) No.(0)

31. Do you get a yearly pap smear? Yes. (+6 months) No. (0)

Subtotal Heredity

32. Is your father alive and over 68 or dead after age 68? (+1 month for each year over 68) Alive and under 68? (0) dead for medical causes, not an accident, before age 68? (-1 month for each year before 68)

33. Is your mother alive and over 73 or dead after 73? (+1 month for each year over 73) Alive and under 73? (0) dead for medical reasons, not an accident, before age 73? (-1 month for each year before 73)

Subtotal Actuarial Life Expectancy

If you are: 25-29, you will live to be: male, 73; female, 80.

30-39: male, 74; female, 80.

40-44: male, 74; female, 81.

45-49: male, 75; female, 81.

50-54: male, 76; female, 81.

55-59: male, 77; female, 82.

60-63: male, 78; female, 83.

64+: male, 79; female, 83. Totals

1. Sum of six sections (including plus and minus)

2. Total months divided by 12 equals years

3. Average life expectancy from chart

4. Your life expectancy (combined totals of 2 and 3)

This life expectancy test is part of a market study undertaken by Cadwell Davis Partners advertising agency, New York. It says the test is not suitable for people under 25, retired people 65 or older, or people with coronary heart disease, cancer, emphysema, cirrhosis of the liver or any similar established disease.