Q. I see young guys and women rolling their shirtsleeves rather than folding them back. Are they just lazy or is this a new fad?

A. It's a style that's catching on fast. Bruce Springsteen does it with T-shirts, Azzedine Alaia does it with his knitted tops for women. It indicates the decline of the careless, thrown-together look in favor of clothes more fitted and neat. So start rolling.

Q. Any suggestions about what to do with single socks? I have lots of them, various sizes and colors.

A. A doctor at NIH uses a stretched-out white sweat sock to protect the magnifying glass he keeps in his pocket. Others use single socks as shoe bags or jewelry bags or to protect a camera when traveling. Finally, don't forget that socks don't show under boots. If you do wear two different socks, you can always consider yourself properly punk.

Q. With all the talk of the return of the turtleneck, can I just dig out my old ones and start wearing them again?

A. By all means. The new ones will have wider armholes and will be roomier at the top than the vintage models, but under a jacket, who will know the difference? Many current versions will have shoulderpads, but you can accomplish the same look by sewing pads in yourself or wearing one of the undershirts that come with shoulderpads.

Q. I've just gotten my clothes out of mothballs. How do I get rid of that mothball smell?

A. Hang your clothes out for a day before wearing them. The smell will dissipate almost completely.

Q. I've started buying knits again. Do they need special care?

A. Knits should be stored flat when possible to keep them from "growing" on the hanger. Shrinkage is a risk in washing and cleaning. Sweaters should be washed in lukewarm water and laid flat to dry. Alert cleaners to the specific fiber of the knit because some fibers -- angora for example -- take special care.

It is a good idea to make an outline of the sweater before washing or dry cleaning to use as a reference in case the sweater needs to be reblocked.

Q. I wore a lot of thick and heavy hose last year and now some of my shoes are stretched out. It's particularly a problem with my feet sliding forward in heels. Any suggestions?

A. A new item, Slip Stops, cushions the ball of the foot and keeps the foot from slipping forwards. It is available at Drug Fair, Dart Drug and Safeway.