EVERY French heroine has two men, have you noticed? Even Madame Guerre had two Martins. Think about it. There's "Jules and Jim" and most anything by Bernard Blier.

And now, encore, it's the same old story in "My Other Husband," with Miou-Miou of the kittycat's face and name at the center of a dithering, domesticated m,enage a trois. The heroine Alice leads a well-ordered, upscale double love life, with two fully equipped kitchens, two demanding careers and too many husbands. At first, neither man knows about the other, but close scrapes ensue.

It's a distaff "Micki and Maude," but Ms. Miou has it all over M & M, who had to make do with diminutive Dudley Moore. Miou-Miou enjoys not one but two strapping French stars. Roger Hanin is her Parisian partner Philippe, an outgoing Air France pilot by whom she has a 10-year-old son. And Eddy Mitchell costars as cuddly schoolteacher Vincent, by whom she has a son and a daughter. The four of them -- and eventually all six -- live in Trouville on the Normandy coast, where Alice works as a physical therapist four days a week. In Paris, she's a nurse for an amorous plastic surgeon who pursues her, too.

And she takes Geritol, I bet.

Two girlfriends -- Dominique Lavanant and Charlotte de Turckheim -- aid Alice in her drawn-out deception. However, they also lead double love lives as do their lovers, a sub-sub- subcategory that further confuses an already diffuse plot.

Miou-Miou is sweet like the movie, which is nicely directed by veteran Georges Lautner from Jean-Loup Dabadie's idle conversational farce. Miou-Miou, said to embody the "new French woman," is pretty much like the old French woman, thin and able to eat lots of croissants and still wear tight skirts.

The heroine never regards her situation as a problem, figuring she can handle it. The movie, however, opts for an easy way out and a greeting-card finish. Even when it gets down to the inevitable choice, she gets to eat her croque-monsieur and have it too.

MY OTHER HUSBAND (PG-13) -- In French with English subtitles at the MacArthur.