Royal Watch: After all that fuss about "Cover Girl Meets Uncover Girl," maybe it won't be much of a problem after all. The Uncover Girl, it seems, won't be at the Palm Beach, Fla., ball for Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

There has been a bit of a to-do in the London press because Pat Kluge, the elegant wife of wealthy, wealthy John Kluge, once posed nude for soft-core porno magazines. The Kluges are cohosts of the big Palm Beach charity ball Charles and Diana will be attending, and the London press has been having fun about the protocol of such an affair.

The Kluges have been unavailable for comment during the London Fleet Street flap, but deep in a press release hand-delivered yesterday from the United World Colleges, which will benefit from the $50,000- and $10,000-a-couple ball, was a sentence that read: "The Kluges will not be attending the Palm Beach events as they will be traveling abroad."

A spokesman for the dinner would not comment on the obviously carefully placed sentence other than to say, "Make of it what you will." The royals obviously won't have to worry about associating with a former nude model and can comfortably have their polo and ball in a proper atmosphere. And to all those Palm Beach critics of the event who said they wouldn't attend, a spokesman for Armand Hammer, who organized the event, said it's already "oversold." Translation: We don't need them anyway.

Some of the stellar guests basking in the royal presence there will be Merv Griffin, Bob Hope, Victor Borge, Cary Grant, Gregory Peck, Albert Broccoli, David Lloyd Kreeger, Ted Turner, H. Ross Perot, Dear Abby, Malcolm Forbes and Louis Nizer. DeLorean Hospitalized

Former automaker John Z. DeLorean, in the midst of a rancorous divorce trial with his former wife Cristina Ferrare over money matters and the custody of their two children, was admitted yesterday to the cardiac care unit of the Somerset Medical Center in Somerville, N.J. DeLorean suffered chest pains while driving to his attorney's office. The pains followed an interview the divorce judge held with the DeLorean children, Zachary, 13, and Kathryn, 7.

In the custody battle, DeLorean has contended that the jet-set life style of his former wife keeps her away from them too much. He is demanding that she pay support. She also is demanding support and a share in the $3.5 million New Jersey estate and a $5 million New York City condominium -- properties DeLorean says he needs to rebuild his life.

DeLorean has no history of heart problems. He drove himself to the hospital where he was admitted. There was no report on his condition. His lawyer, John Trombadore, said, "He had chest pains. We're hoping for the best, but you don't treat this kind of thing lightly." End Notes

Former first lady Betty Ford has signed a contract with Doubleday & Co. to write a book on her experiences since leaving the White House, including her recovery from alcohol and prescription drug addiction. Scheduled for publication in spring 1987, the untitled work will be written in collaboration with Chris Chase, who worked with Ford on her 1978 biography, "Times of My Life." Profits from the book will go to the Betty Ford Center, the addiction treatment clinic where Elizabeth Taylor recovered from her alcohol and drug dependencies . . .

Jackson Bain, longtime television anchorman at Channels 4 and 5 as well as former host of "Panorama," is trying his hand at acting -- with a role he can get his teeth into. Last Friday, Bain, who is now a Gray & Co. vice president, opened in the Little Theatre of Alexandria as the star of "Dracula," a good choice for the season. Bain said he had wanted to play the role ever since he saw his wife, Sandy, react to Frank Langella starring in the role on Broadway. But then most women have that kind of reaction to Langella, on stage or reading from the Yellow Pages . . .

Royal Watch Continued: Eleven days and counting. Excitement grows about the Samsonite Couple's pending visit even at the Library of Congress. Prince Charles will be paying a visit at 1:45 p.m. Nov. 11 to the Library's Thomas Jefferson Building, where he will meet with Librarian Daniel Boorstin, congressmen, government officials and constitutional scholars. In an egalitarian gesture, the librarian announced in a memo: "Staff members who wish to view the arrival of the Prince to the Thomas Jefferson Building may do so . . ."