The visit of the Royals warrants special attention. What better time to dust the chandelier, polish the tea set, groom the ponies or hire a nanny -- even if the Waleses, as some affectionately call their royal highnesses, the prince and princess of Wales, aren't on your calendar. Yet.

Invite friends for a tailgate party, or for tea, and dress to the nines -- tens in this case -- complete with tiaras, 16-button gloves or at least a kilt. Crown-embroidered slippers on the host -- in smoking jacket, of course -- are a must.

For those who take this kind of thing seriously, it is possible to dress Junior in a smocked playsuit like the one Prince William has been photographed wearing.

And for those who don't take this kind of thing seriously, dressing as a polo-playing prince or a fashion-passionate princess is a nifty way to go for Halloween. CAPTION: Pictures 1 through 6, The crown jewels, a la Fiorucci: gold-toned and embedded with rhine- stones and assorted "gems." $24 each at Fiorucci, 3108 M St. NW.; For men, handmade black velvet evening slippers, stitched with gold crowns. $105 at Church's English Shoes, 1742 L St. NW.; Donegal tweed cap in a bold houndstooth. Made in Ireland. $26.50 at the Threepenny Bit, 3122 M St. NW.; "The Prince William bubble suit," by Feltman Brothers. $26 at Monday's Child, 218 Lee St., Alexandria; and the Junior League Christmas Shop, Nov. 1-3 at the Mayflower Hotel; -- THE WASHINGTON POST A rhinestone tiara for a low-budget princess. $22.95 at Discount Wholesalers, 13th Street and New York Avenue NW.; Prince and Princess of Wales paper dolls book by Tom Tierney, with 28 different outfits -- mostly the princess'. $3.50 at the Globe Book Shop, 1700 Pennsylvania Ave. NW.; An English walking stick, handmade in England by History Craft. $23 at J.C. Penney; Photos by The Washington Post.