ITN, Britain's independent television network that broadcast last week's exclusive interview with the Prince and Princess of Wales, today obtained a temporary high court injunction preventing distribution in the United Kingdom of this week's issue of People magazine.

ITN complained that a number of the photographs of the royal couple and their children in the issue were taken from the televised interview without permission, and thus their publication infringed ITN's copyright.

ITN said it also is seeking a similar order in New York that effectively would prevent U.S. distribution of the issue, which is already on the stands.

In New York, Robin Bierstedt, a lawyer for Time Inc., publisher of People, said, "In our judgment, the use we have made of the pictures is a fair use under the copyright laws."

The interview was a major coup for ITN, which is also producing a book on the subject. ITN says it was seen by 18.6 million British viewers, making it one of Britain's top 10 shows for the week. It has been sold for broadcast in Australia, the Netherlands, West Germany and the United States, where ABC will air it Nov. 9. Profits from all related sales of the TV program and book go to the Prince of Wales Charities Trust, an organization set up to help small businesses and minorities.