Professional wrestling and the movies -- two gripping types of entertainment that have hooked up together. Do you remember these matches?

1. Sylvester Stallone fought a charity match with which professional wrestler in "Rocky III"? a. Andre the Giant. b. Hulk Hogan. c. Big John Studd. d. Bobo Brazil.

2. Can you name the actor who set up a match between his wrestler and a lady blacksmith in "Swing Your Lady"? a. Clark Gable. b. James Cagney. c. Humphrey Bogart. d. Spencer Tracy.

3. Henry (the Fonz) Winkler became a professional wrestler in: a. "In This Corner." b. "The Greatest." c. "Chapter Two." d. "The One and Only."

4. In what movie did Melina Mercouri take time out to watch a local wrestling match? a. "Never on Sunday." b. "Topkapi." c. "Arrividerci, Baby." d. "Golden Needles."

5. Which muscleman/actor wrestled an evil double of himself in "Goliath and the Vampires"? a. Steve Reeves. b. Tor Johnson. c. Gordon Scott. d. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

6. Professional wrestler Andre the Giant appeared in which movie? a. "Micki and Maude." b. "Minnie and Moskowitz." c. "Mother, Jugs and Speed." d. "Bonnie and Clyde."

7. Mud wresling? Okay. Do you remember the comedian who sloshed through the ring with some women wrestlers in "Stripes"? a. Bill Murray. b. John Candy. c. Robin Williams. d. John Belushi.

8. In "Requiem for a Heavyweight," repeated injuries forced this actor to eventually change rings from boxing to wrestling. Can you name him? a. Anthony Quinn. b. Kirk Douglas. c. Robert Mitchum. d. Burt Lancaster.

9. Myrna Loy talked William Powell into taking her to a wrestling match in which movie? a. "Song of the Thin Man." b. "Another Thin Man." c. "Shadow of the Thin Man." d. "The Thin Man Goes Home."

10. Do you remember the movie in which Peter Falk managed a pair of women wrestlers? a. "Brute Force." b. "Count Three and Pray." c. "Payday." d. "All the Marbles."

ANSWERS: 1. b, Hulk Hogan.

2. c, Humphrey Bogart.

3. d, "The One and Only."

4. b, "Topkapi."

5. c, Gordon Scott.

6. a, "Micki and Maude."

7. b, John Candy.

8. a, Anthony Quinn.

9. c, "Shadow of the Thin Man."

10. d, "All the Marbles."