You'd expect Morris Day, the former lead singer with Time and the man who nearly upstaged Prince in the film "Purple Rain," to make a flamboyant entrance, and he did just that at the Convention Center Sunday night.

As multicolored lights flashed and a keyboardist did his Bach-ish best to bring drama to the moment, Day suddenly appeared, proud as the proverbial peacock, striding down a staircase center stage, pausing just long enough to shed his umbrella, scarf and overcoat and to tidy his silver double-breasted jacket before reaching for the microphone.

As expected, too, the show was all Morris. Morris the Romeo, lounging on the steps, sipping champagne and casually flicking a spot of lint off his slacks. Morris the party animal, reprising Time's dance hits "Jungle Love" and "The Bird." And Morris the cat, cool as ever, shamelessly celebrating himself with songs like "The Character" and "The Color of Success." After this, could anyone have doubted his sincerity when he told the crowd, "I want to talk about one of my favorite subjects -- me?"

Unfortunately, even Day's seemingly boundless stage ego couldn't keep the show from flagging at times. Despite his considerable energy and the help of a tight six-piece band and two vocalists, the highlights were almost exclusively confined to Day's work with Time, and before long all the self-flaunting became as routine as his dance steps.

The opening sets by Starpoint and Atlantic Starr were crowd pleasing if not especially noteworthy. But Maryland's own Starpoint had something else going for it -- singer Renee Diggs, whose powerful, octave-leaping soprano nearly lit up the arena.