MORE THAN just an album title, "Patcha, Patcha, All Night Long" is a rallying call used by blues vocalists Jimmy Witherspoon and Joe Turner to spur on a seasoned, spirited, sax-riffing band.

While it's nothing new, thankfully, to find Turner recording in this kind of relaxed yet exuberant setting -- a happy consequence of his longstanding relationship with Pablo Records -- it's a treat to hear the less frequently recorded Witherspoon accorded the same treatment. And to find them together on record, working as comfortably as they do here, well, you can't ask for much more than that.

From the opening track, as Turner advises guitarist Gary Bell to "Play a Little Blues for Me," it's clear the singers have chosen a path well-traveled, going back to the kind of barroom blues Turner used to shout in Kansas City and Witherspoon sang with Jay McShann's band.

"Kansas City on My Mind," "J.T.'s Blues," "I Want a Little Girl" and "Blues Lament," complete with Witherspoon's classic admonition "Don't Have to Take You to the Dentist in the Morning Cause I'm Knocking Out Your Teeth Tonight," are perfect for this pairing.

JOE TURNER & JIMMY WITHERSPOON -- "Patcha, Patcha, All Night Long" (Pablo 2310-913); Witherspsoon appearing Friday-Sunday at Chez, 1928 9th Street NW.