It may not have been an especially memorable evening, but the concert at Constitution Hall Saturday night certainly covered a lot of ground -- the sweetheart duets of Rene and Angela, the titillating funk of the Mary Jane Girls and the horn-driven party music of Confunkshun.

Compared with what followed, the show opened rather tamely with the young duo Rene and Angela displaying considerable promise in a polished set that mixed romantic ballads with energetic dance tunes.

Why some men in the first few rows brought binoculars to the show became apparent the moment the Mary Jane Girls strutted on stage, scantily attired in leather and lace costumes that somehow withstood nearly an hour of nonstop wriggling. Taking seriously an act that pulls the sexual strings of its audience isn't easy, but those who came to hear the group's suggestive hits, performed with the help of members of Rick James' Stone City Band, certainly got their money's worth.

Like the other acts, Confunkshun isn't likely to win any awards for originality. However, the lack of any outstanding songs was partially compensated for by a fine band, two strong vocalists with contrasting styles, and a compulsion to party.