"School Spirit" is enjoying a short run in area theaters before what promises to be an extended run in Ramada Inns across the country on the vaunted "FOR ADULTS ONLY" channel, and you can set your watch by it:

:001: Introduction to Lovably Naughty Hero and Up-tight Goody Two Shoes (whom he is pawing, unsuccessfully, in the Dean's office).

0:15: Girls showering in sorority house while Lovably Naughty Hero voyeurizes.

0:18: Introduction to Insipid Straight Arrow who is in league with the school administration, and who is also the boyfriend of Goody Two Shoes.

0:23: Comeuppance of Insipid Straight Arrow (he is smeared with soda, chili, yogurt).

0:35: Introduction to Dean's bikini-clad, Fun-Loving Daughter bridling under his repressive household rule.

0:42: Introduction to French Girl who represents true love to Lovably Naughty Hero.

0:57: Music montage and party scene.

1:02: Food fight.

1:12: Comeuppance of Dean.

Oh, you get the point.

The ingenious idea of "School Spirit" is that the Lovably Naughty Hero is actually dead (from a car crash early in the film), but before his angel can get him to heaven, he has one more night of fun on earth -- it's a sort of "Heaven Can Leer." I could go on and on about how stupid and routine this all is, but treating "School Spirit" as a movie at all is basically dishonest -- it's just a vehicle to assemble a large cast of women with hoo-boy! physiques and get them in and out of various miniskirts, unbuttonably small blouses, skintight maillots, negligees, bikinis, towels, tank tops and teddies. On which level, I must say, it delivers.

School Spirit, at area theaters, is rated R and contains copious nudity and sexual situations.