Mary Williford and Donna Brandenburg-Gangloff, appearing in Mount Vernon College's dance series in Hand Chapel last night, were skilled in accentuating their personal similarities or differences, depending on the requirements of the very varied choreography they had commissioned.

Each performer had one solo. Violence was explicit in Williford's, implicit in Brandenburg-Gangloff's. Williford's hostility was the self-hatred of the woman she portrayed, although the title of the piece proclaimed that "He Made Her Do It." The culprit never appears, but on one level "He" is the woman's lover. On another level, "He" is the choreographer, Daniel West, who cast Williford in this masochistic role. For this alternately tense and explosive choreography, Williford seemed totally possessed.

Brandenburg-Gangloff dresses in a man's clothes for Lesa McLaughlin's "Onlook." This is a cool, sinuous dance on the surface, but the viewer becomes afraid that the ambisexual sensualist he is watching could turn vicious and attack.

Of the three duets, Susan Marshall's "Kin" was the best crafted. Working with one motion phrase, Marshall varies and explores it thoroughly but subtly, in close accord with A. Leroy's music. Sometimes the two dancers' movements coincide, sometimes they diverge, sometimes they interlock in mirror imagery or in partnering. How refreshing it is to see and hear true development in a modular structure.