It sounded like a good idea at the time. And if it didn't quite work out the way you thought it would, hey, that's the way the wattle wobbles. So, in this season of Thanksgiving, let's try to be grateful even for the TURKEYS OF 1985

"We'll call it New Coke!"

"Listen, I'm the quarterback, and I say let's try the flea-flicker."

"Oh, you mean that Signor Abbas. He just left."

"He must have fallen off the Russian ship. We'd better help him get back."

"President Reagan will take good care of my fish."

"Joan Collins would be perfect for the nun!"

"It might be safer if we had the police get those MOVE people out of the neighborhood."

"Why not open the American National Theater season with 'Henry IV' and show those Brits how it's really done?"

"Say, chief, if you're looking for a military cemetery, this one at Bitburg looks nice."

"Why not seat John Riggins next to Sandra Day O'Connor?"

"Everybody does Pepsi commercials, Gerry. It'll help your image!"

"You're right, let's save it. I'll put it in Old Court Savings and Loan."

"Mrs. Webb? Mr. Dotson? How 'bout a hug?"

"Let's put Pat Kluge on the ball committee for the Royals. Everybody in Palm Beach knows her."

"Just charge those flowers to the University of D.C."

"Suppose I route your flight through Athens?"

"Won't we need more reporters/photographers/commentators/anchormen/soundmen/producers/columnists in Geneva?"

"Yes, we could get a million dollars for the umpires. I know where we could get it . . . But it would be wrong."

"There's good news coming about your phone system!"