Halley's Comet may be just a blur in the sky to some, but to the fashion business, looking to hitch on whatever event is currently starring, the vision of Halley's Comet is very clear. Designers pay tribute with various cosmic motifs; stars, planets, comets are everywhere. One store, actually a "portable cart shop" in the Old Post Office called Vuthy's, has dedicated itself totally to Halley's Comet-related items.

Cosmic inspiration is hardly a new idea. Halley's Comet, which has been making the rounds every 76 years, has been inspiring artists and designers since at least 1066 A.D., when the Bayeux Tapestry was created.

Keep looking skyward. Stars are cropping up all over the clothes this spring. CAPTION: Pictures 1 through 7, Cotton nightshirt by Silk Oak with a hand-silkscreened Halley's Comet design. $32 at FW's Finewares, 7040 Carroll Ave., Takoma Park; "The Comet Cut" is available at Flashback Hair Salons, 1247 Wisconsin Ave. NW. $30 for a cut, $85 for a cut and style; Red silk chiffon scarf with gold and silver stars by Echo. $28 at Hecht's; charcoal gray cashmere sweater with maroon stars by Perry Ellis. $380 at Woodward & Lothrop; Star-spangled jewelry: moon and star earrings ($15), shooting-star and giant star pins ($27.50 each). By Dauplaise at Woodward & Lothrop; Rubber bands with gold strands of colored metallic stars. $5 at I. Magnin; Completely cosmic: Rayon shirt ($52.95) and knit pants ($48.95) by Anne Pinkerton for Beyond, Beyond at Commander Salamander, 1420 Wisconsin Ave. NW. Washington Post photos