TWYLA THARP has had a profound influence on a number of contemporary choreographers, most of whom acknowledge that influence even as they add their own personal perspectives and body types to her canon of swinging, slashing arms, shrugging shoulders and quicksilver changes in direction and attitude.

New Yorker Bebe Miller is one of those gifted disciples. She spent six years as a soloist in the company of Nina Wiener (yet another Tharpian) and, since 1978, has choreographed her own group and solo dances, which are predominantly about the act of moving.

Hers is a nonstop, high-energy vocabulary of stomps, swings, glorious lifts and quirky twists. At times she will shade it all with an aggressiveness or feistiness that give the dancing a vague narrative base; other times she will set up partnerships that allude o some emotional conflict or condition that never quite bubbles to the surface.

And when Miller herself dances, you forget about trying to figure out what she's dancing about, and just marvel at the dancing. This formidable technician is also one of the most intelligent and charismatic of performers.

This weekend at the Dance Place, Miller and her company of four will present "Trapped in Queens," "No Evidence," "Gypsy Pie," plus her solo "Spending Time Doing Things," set to silence and to Duke Ellington's soul-satisfying "In My Solitude."

BEBE MILLER -- Friday and Saturday at 8:30, Sunday at 5 at the Dance Place, 2424 18th St. NW. Tickets $8, $7 for students and senior citizens. Call 462-1321.