To help familiarize yourself with the new images some North American locations are pushing, here is a sampler:

*Minneapolis -- Forever to be known as one of the Twin Cities, this Minnesota city has taken out colorful ads that say, "We Like It Here!" The promo copy: "In Minneapolis, we have something more. An Attitude. It's friendly, it's proud and it's personable."

*Miami -- Known as The Drug Gateway of North America, one double-page ad shows an elegantly gowned model lounging between skyline and beach: "We Want You To See Miami the Way We See Miami."

*Hartford -- Insurance City is pushing the convenience message: "Hartford Makes New England Easy."

*Oakland -- Besides it's standard slogan, "On the Bright Side of the Bay," this California town with an inferiority complex lately has been boasting, "We don't overlook anything except San Francisco."

*Indianapolis -- Hoosier City is banking on sports to perk up its posture: "We're Handling the Hemisphere's largest Sporting Event" (The 1987 Pan American Games).

*Milwaukee -- The Brewer's City presumably was shooting for only more convention business when it recently ran an ad that read: "The National Rifle Association Had a Blast in Our Town."

*Kansas City -- This Missouri city's approach is straight forward: "Who in Europe, or in America for That Matter, Knows That Kansas City Is One of the Loveliest Cities on Earth? And Yet It Is True."

*Charlotte -- "Why a Lot of People See Us as a World Class City" is suspended over a sunset, tree-filled photo of the North Carolina town.