THE HEAVENS are filled with pyrotechnics in 1986. We've got Halley's Comet, and we're going to get a couple of solar and lunar eclipses. These are the glamor kids, the triggers for all kinds of action. But there is a more important manifestation: The planet Neptune will transit through the earth-sign Capricorn. We last lived with Neptune in an earth sign (Virgo) between 1928 and 1943 -- the time of the Great Depression and World War II.

And, although there are aspects to soften this, I look for similar difficulties in our nation's picture. The difference will be that economic problems won't be national, such as the stock market crash, but local and regional, spreading west to east.

There is little doubt that the nation's foreign affairs will once again be high on our list of worries. Early inhe year, Halley's Comet speeds across the top of Ronald Reagan's chart, triggering some successful and dramatic foreign policy moves.

The summit meeting of November may be the most important factor in 1986 in that it will keep enemies talking. Both Reagan and Gorbachev will feel it their destiny to make peace. A great ego trip for both, yet there will develop a mutual liking and perhaps even a low-key friendship.

Communication between nations may be better this year than for some time. We face a tough first quarter, with suspicion of government growing. We can have successful foreign policy moves, but people will be losing jobs. The hue and cry will grow, and we may see established leaders turned out of office. The tough political infighters will rule.

We must be on guard against a new wave of terrorism during the spring. The hostage stakes are increased and more killings take place. In late spring, we'll also find some of our country's allies constantly disagreeing with us. All this can be tmporary if cool heads prevail. A time for absolute diplomacy. Closer to home, we'll see an upheaval among friends. Longtime neighbors and old school friends break away from each other.

Summer can be dangerous. Economic matters rule thought and action. Another economic explosion, perhaps based on a landmark legal decision, can cause a shift in many lifestyles. Around the world, insurgency increases, and the United States will again be faced with a decision on whether to send troops to other lands, especially to defend an ally who asks for help.

At this point, the U.S.-U.S.S.R. relationship that began at the summit becomes even more important.

Some other things to look for this year:

* Another warm fall, but a blustery, record-setting winter.

*A dangerous earthquake in the Far West.

*Deployment of an orbiting space telescope which will detect planetary systems similar to ours.

*Setting up a satellite space station capable of beaming power to earth.

*The child of a once-famous actor becomes a smash hit in a new TV series.

*Genetic scientists will announce a new strain of high-protein soybean that can grow in much cooler than normal temperatures. CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19)

1986 starts off well for you. You're full of energy, able to accept the cold weather, get along with most people and hold your head up. If you have been planning some long-term investment, conclude it early and put it aside to grow. Your credit is good.

Your relationships with family are less successful now than relationships with outsiders. Flirtations can be fun, but have a care that they don't become more than that.

This is a good time to invest in antiques, and if you love music, you will have a chance to buy an old instrument or records at spectacular savings.

Early spring has its ups and downs. Things go well on the job, and a brilliant suggestion can lead to a promotion, a raise or a bonus. More important, your ideas can bring prestige and respect. Your romantic life, however, is in turmoil. Competition for your time casts a pall.

The solar eclipse on April 9 can cause you problems at home.

Choose your words with great care

and keep things calm. You'll have plenty of energy, so use it on a repair project.

Summer brings some reward to your conservative business life. Past investments pay off, and you may come into a small legacy. Trust your own judgment on finance and romance. You could meet someone who is interested in your work and wants to be more than just a friend.

Ducking issues now will only cause them to grow. Your popularity index is high, so meet those problems head-on.

Fall sees things easing up. Pay particular attention to small details on the job. A low profile for a few weeks is the best course.

In the late fall and winter things turn spectacular again.

You might be forced to help a friend with some monetary support, but this won't crimp your style or plans for the future. There'll be recognition for you on the job, and you'll gain a strong sense of security. Mechanical and electronic inventions make good investments.

Delegate authority, pay your debts and enjoy the holidays. AQUARIUS (January 20-February 18)

The year opens in an uneven way. On one hand you're seeking calm and privacy, and on the other you're exuberant and surrounded by well-wishers. You'll be preoccupied with credit, so make sure you pay your bills on time.

But by your birthday month, things in your horoscope improve, and you begin a quiet time, even though you are surrounded by friends.

You know instinctively who to shy away from and who to spend time with. Your hunches are good now, so follow them.

Don't let romance and occupation come together. Romance at the office is disastrous. Instead, think about doing some redecorating at home. Do some windows; build a bookcase.

People who need you may have trouble communicating, so watch for signs of their need to talk.

Spring is the time for romance, whether you're married or unattached. If married, you'll find a great sense of understanding and excitement with your spouse. If unmarried, look for a rekindling of an old romance. Take time to volunteer for a civic project. You're needed.

Summer begins on a benign note. Make an appointment for a physical exam, even though you feel pretty good. Don't put it off. And while you're at it, call the dentist, too.

The hot days bring money and career matters to the fore once more. At work you may be asked to do a new job that you feel is far out of your experience. Try it anyway.

Be sure that you live up to agreements and contracts and take time to review all of your insurance policies.

As fall comes, look to your personal relationships. Someone is jealous of you, but back away. If you fight, you can cause a lasting rift.

Don't feel badly if a pet idea is now rebuffed; just put it on the shelf 'til next year.

Keep your guard up as cold weather arrives. Insist on the truth from co-workers and keep those receipts.

Late in the year you make strides toward personal goals. Don't allow yourself to be distracted, and keep your social activities limited to close friends and family. PISCES (February 19-March 20)

The year begins with you buzzing with activity. You're on the go in career matters and have the confidence of the boss. You'll be able to travel in connection with your job and have much authority delegated to you. In fact, the early weeks find you charismatic and giving, compassionate and yet very professional.

Finish up a longstanding project, and be sure that you read the fine print in anything you have to sign. Don't argue with people who stand in your way; instead charm and disarm them with kindness.

As spring comes, be careful not to turn away from someone who would give you sound advice. It could cost you a valuable friend. You must honor a volunteer commitment or your reputation will be damaged. Be modest and do some fence-mending with relatives. Jump at the chance to represent your employer at social functions; you'll make new personal friends as well as business associates.

Summer is the time to begin redecorating your home. Don't be afraid to roll up your sleeves and pitch in; you'll find that you have plenty of help. Be sure that you keep a good balance between work at home and work at the office. Don't neglect one for the other.

Late summer and early fall is not the time for gambling. If you make investments, be sure they are small. A vacation is in order, but not to Atlantic City or Nevada. Instead, find a quiet, sunny place to recharge your spirits. Travel to a school reunion if you can; you'll make a fine impression.

In the fall, be conservative in both thought and deed. Don't try any new schemes without thorough testing. Don't take any short cuts with building materials.

Don't get involved with other people's problems or squabbles. Stay neutral or you'll be blamed by both sides.

Winter brings an early decline and a later comeback. First you feel that you're spinning wheels at work; then, by year's end, you again receive proper recognition.

You'll find yourself sought out for the most prestigious social affairs. Accept a few invitations, but leave plenty of time to be alone for some reading and study. LIBRA (September 23-October 22)

As 1986 begins, you find yourself in a money crunch. It may be that you have spent too much on the holidays, but whatever the cause, your bank account has shrunk at an alarming rate. Put on the brakes and allow things to catch up. Don't become involved with a get-rich-quick scheme. You can lose your shirt.

To ease the strain, try some short, inexpensive weekend trips. Just don't go too far. Visit friends who can supply the bed and breakfast.

Romance enters your life at this time. If you're single or seeking, a series of brief encounters come your way. If married, look to some joint winter sports venture.

Early spring brings a brightening of your social picture. There will be a series of interesting invitations and you may find yourself in a whirl. Seek out people who share your likes and ambitions; contacts made now are lasting ones.

Warmer days bring some money problems, none too serious but all troublesome and time-consuming.

Be straightforward and things will be okay.

Warmer days are good for long-range career planning. Try a practical course or job-related seminar. Most important, don't back away from hard work.

Do some fence-mending at home. If your family objects to all the time spent at work, get them involved with a fix-up campaign at home. Be sure that you oversee the finances, but let others decide what should be done.

This is a time for entertaining, especially over the Fourth of July. Concern yourself with older friends; they need you.

Late summer is also the time to enjoy music and the stage. And, if you've wanted to try painting, now is the time.

Fall's pace is slower, and you'll be praised by a professional superior. You may even get a raise. Try long-term investments, with special attention on retirement funds.

As the sun passes through Libra, you are at your strongest. Many people will realize how talented you are.

Colder days will bring some difficult decisions. Moves made now in financial matters, romance and with your family will affect you for a long time. Weigh your alternatives and goals. SCORPIO (October 23-November 22)

The year begins with a surge of energy. At work, everyone's on your bandwagon. Projects started last year are completed with ease, and new ones present no difficulty.

Your problems can arise from family and friends who feel they're being pushed aside. You're on a run of accomplishment, so don't spoil it by being inconsiderate.

By spring, making money consumes a lot of your time. It's very important that you not speculate wildly or gamble too much. Go slow, plod ahead carefully. Seek financial advice from someone young and dynamic; look long before you spend.

You get the urge to travel now, but suppress it. Too many things can go wrong. Plan for a vacation in late summer.

Warmer days see you able to back off and look hard at problem both at home and on the job. Don't spurn people who want to help. You may have the chance to buy some property, but try to hold off until the fall.

Don't lock yourself away; your tendency is to want to be alone. Instead, open lines of communication with old friends and neighbors; you'll enjoy the company. There'll be lots of party invitations; you don't have to attend them all, but do a few.

Late summer sees job advancement. A person in high authority will overrule some petty sniping, and your job is secure.

Fall will see you in an expansive mood and expanding your influence. You'll find a way to tie your social adventures to your job. They will prove mutally beneficial.

Try to rebuild some friendships that have slipped away. A little concession and compromise on your part will help.

Time now for a brief vacation to help relax and refresh. When you return, be ready to step forward on your job. You will be able to handle the added responsibilty handed you, and a promotion is on the way.

The cold days at year's end show more of the contrasts that have been with you all year. You will buy too much on impulse, but retain your sense of humor. Your hunches are correct now, and you can do things right by intuition. SAGITTARIUS (November 23- December 21)

At the beginning of 1986, money and finances dominate your activities. You can make satisfying gains now. You are charismatic and in a period when the breaks fall your way. You'll need some help but be very careful about choosing a financial adviser. Check credentials and past performances.

You'll be loaded with both physical and mental energy. In fact, there's danger that you'll move too fast and slight friends in passing. Channel that energy. Try some exercise such as bicycling or swimming. This also may be the time for you to think about some moonlighting. You won't make a fortune, but you'd be doing something you like.

As spring comes, however, things calm down a bit. You'll enjoy staying home and puttering with a hobby or a project.

Don't get on your family's nerves; include them in your work and they'll be able to stand more of you.

You are able to get on well with professional superiors and find most people listening to your ideas.

Summer is fix-up time at home.

Be sure to read the fine print on any construction or redecorating contract and question carefully. Buy the best materials, even if you have to buy less.

Try some short trips now and some outdoor exercise. This will keep your mind clear as you expand into a partnership. Remain the silent partner in this deal; don't overextend your credit; buy carefully and only what you need.

Late summer is a generally good time. You'll be working hard on the job, but still can find time for recreation away from the office. Be good to members of your family. Don't be domineering; treat people with respect and they will gather 'round.

Fall will be busy. Look into charitable work, being especially kind to the elderly. Social invitations come your way now. If married, you should attend some with your spouse. If single, you can't miss. In either event, a romantic encounter should be treated lightly. This is not the time.

Year's end and more activity. Watch out for con artists you may meet at an exclusive gathering. Keep up with your exercise and watch your diet. Remember that a regular workout schedule suits you best. CANCER (June 21-July 22)

The year begins on a mental note. It's a time for thinking carefully about your career and what you want to do in the long term. You must prepare yourself for important decisions. You'll soon have to choose between several job opportunities.

You'll also have to deal with a strong emotional problem now. If married, you'll find more commitment demanded. If single, you'll be pressured toward marriage. In either event, go slow! Don't let matters blow up in your face.

Listen to opinions of close friends, but be sure that you make your own lifestyle decisions. A short vacation at winter's end can be rewarding and help prepare you for the year's pull.

Spring sees your relationship with your boss strengthened. Be sure you don't make him feel jealous or insecure. Keep on the lookout for someone who's envious and could cause problems.

Don't be afraid to take some of these problems home with you. Let your partner share in your away-from-home life.

Your social life picks up now, and a romantic encounter comes your way, but steer clear of entanglements at this time.

As the days get warmer, you are able to push job-related ideas forward with great success. You may even get a bonus.

Summer is money time for you. Move forward smartly. Short-term investments pay off and you can be very lucky gambling. Even a joint venture, begun earlier, will start to pay off.

This is a good time for you to spend some money on your physical surroundings. Renovate the exterior and treat yourself to something nice for the interior. Be a little careful of people who flatter you.

Fall will bring a roller-coaster ride. Things will settle down in your romantic life but churn up again at work. Stay calm and use your powers of persuasion on both fronts.

Late fall and winter is a creative time. Children play an important role and inspire you. You may write a children's story or invent a toy. Don't hesitate.

Strengthen your situation at work. Let others relax, but keep yourself disciplined. Watch out for respiratory problems and don't overdo holiday celebrations. LEO (July 23-August 22)

As 1986 opens, Leos should devote time and attention to matters of partnership and family. In business, joint efforts can pay off. If you are asked to be a partner in a new concept or scheme, try it.

This is a time to make your family more close-knit. Talk about a coming decision and get some good advice. A parent/child relationship will be very important to you at this time. Stay flexible in business or at home and avoid arguments over money. You'll also have to face some stubborn romantic problems. Something already solved will have to be solved again and even again. Patience.

Spring is a more expansive time. The pace of advancement is still slow, but you'll have more room to function.

Warmer days bring a return to original thinking and creative ideas. Keep your thoughts practical. This is a good time to begin some much-needed redecorating at home. Just be sure that those who live with you have a say in the color scheme. Tax time can cause you some anguish, and even some bitterness, but if you've kept reasonable records you'll be okay.

Summer is the time for your annual physical checkup. Don't ignore injuries to elbows or wrists, and bring your diet under control.

Summer is a rewarding time. Your authority is no longer questioned, and someone who has been sniping at you gets his comeuppance. Plan for a summer vacation. A warm, dry climate will suit you best. In fact, try to mix some business with this pleasure trip. Be with people who can provide the intellectual stimulation you love. At home, a younger relative will seek your advice.

Early fall brings a period of special activity in your career. While things have been moving smartly for you, be prepared to join your employer in a dramatic change. If successful, it will enhance your reputation and your bank account.

Keep moving as the cooler weather comes. Take any financial setback in stride, and take time to accept some of the social invitations extended to you.

Hard work and high reward are in store for year's end. Don't be afraid to take on the world, just do it one step at a time. Earlier investments begin to pay off now, and you'll have a fine sense of security. VIRGO (August 23-September 22)

The year begins with mixed situations boiling up around you. People won't approve of your romantic adventures. You'll find relatives at each other's throats and your job a hotbed of activity.

It will be up to you to keep things going on an even keel. The romantic problem will take care of itself as you spend more time stabilizing your job. In family matters it will be necessary for you to bridge the gap and calm those arguers down. You must be patient, even though the people surrounding you don't meet your exacting standards.

Spring will see continuing frustration with family and close friends. You are constantly called on to volunteer for charitable work and the demand will become too heavy by summer. Make sure that your don't overdo; long-term health is at stake.

Warmer days are the time for you to become reacquainted with a creative endeavor you had shelved. A hobby in the arts will be rewarding, and a younger Gemini can be of assistance. Painting, pottery or photography can bring lots of enjoyment.

During summer, try to enhance your education. Take that put-off course or attend a seminar. This is also a time for music; attend a concert.

People will now listen to your ideas. You'll be popular and charismatic. Strangers will seek your advice. Stay away from those who are petty or seek your job.

Avoid legal matters now. Try not to sign any legal documents or pledges. If you must sign, check the fine print carefully and be sure you have trusted counsel. Fall sees your financial status improving. Be wary of get-rich-quick schemes and of pushy people. Study before you invest; discuss it with the family.

Colder weather brings changes in your workplace. You'll see upper-level changes at your job and you may feel lost in the shuffle. Don't pout; you'll be recognized shortly. Stay out of office politics or your reputation will suffer.

Winter is the time for a vacation. Try a cruise to a warm island. Keep your holiday entertaining confined to small gatherings. Just be sure that everyone who should be remembered, is. Slights can cause problems in 1987. ARIES (March 21-April 20)

The year opens with your nose to the grindstone. It will be necessary for you to mend some fences with fellow workers and even reestablish yourself with your employer.

But try to mix some social life with all that hard work. It will be a good idea to socialize with co-workers and make them aware of your natural charm. This is also a time when a new romantic interest could enter your life.

And, if some longstanding travel plans are canceled, don't fret -- you'll be better off enjoying life close to home.

Late winter will find you easing away from the social whirl and feeling the need for quiet. Go back to a hobby that you shelved last summer and complete a project started earlier. You'd best not delegate too much authority at work now.

Spring will find you picking up the pace again. You can shake the doldrums and find your popularity increasing. People will seek your advice.

Warmer weather brings lots of career activity. You must be careful, however, about overstepping your authority; be careful about being too critical of co-workers and supervisors; be tactful and don't run roughshod over people, especially those who control your paycheck.

Summer is the time for a vacation, but don't plan on a long, elaborate trip. Instead, try weekend trips and overnight junkets. Keep your social life in low gear.

The warmer weather will bring romantic opportunities and stimulation of your financial situation. You might meet someone new while on a business trip. Nothing lasting here, so don't get too committed.

The cool fall weather enables you to relax. You are more in command of your own destiny now than you have been for the past several years. Just be sure you play the role of diplomat, rather than that of drill sergeant.

At year's end, pay close attention to personal finances. Don't hesitate to change advisers and listen to a young, dynamic person who can help. At work, keep plugging away. You're on the verge of a major career breakthrough. TAURUS (April 21-May 20)

The start of 1986 is the time for you to think about a trip. You'll find the going great. It will get you away from your job at a time when you should be away. Make your own plans, however. Others' suggestions won't work for you. Best yet: You'll be welcomed back to home and office after your journey.

Your next step will be to consolidate things on the job. It won't be especially easy, since you'll have to work with people you don't care for or respect.

Stay aloof, professional and smarter than they. Keep looking for ways to show your loyalty.

Early spring tests your emotional stability. You are entering a period when you must control of your temper, employing tact and diplomacy.

Your financial decisions should be your own, despite the advice you receive from lots of others.

Remember that in most cases they mean well.

Spring is also the time for a romantic encounter. An old friend wants to be more than friendly and shows it. Remember, in romance as in finance, keep your own counsel.

Late spring finds you in line for a promotion or a raise. Beware of those who might resent your advancement.

The warmer days bring a period of sociability with neighbors and relatives. Take part in a local civic project that can help beautify your surroundings. Don't overspend!

The rest of the summer will be filled with activity. Don't plan a vacation now; there just won't be time. Your job will be demanding. You won't be satisfied with reactions to your suggestions or actions. Don't get paranoid.

The time you can allow away from the job will be fruitful. New friendships will be lasting.

Late summer will see an easing of career matters. Finally, some of you ideas will be adopted, and with great success and financial rewards.

Fall is the time for a successful medical and dental checkup. You'll feel strong and can conquer that fear of going to the doctor. Plan for a vacation now, but don't go alone. Remember, plan now, go late in the year.

Year's end brings money matters back to the fore. Take the advice of an older or more experienced adviser. Things will come out well. GEMINI (May 21 -- June 20)

1986 begins with a post-holiday let-down. Find a challenging project to get started on, and those inner tensions will ease. Think hard about some New Year's resolutions -- especially where health is concerned.

Early in the year, conflicts on the job begin to plague you. Two things are important: First, that you don't lose your temper; and second, that you don't take your work home with you. You'll find that competition on the job is strong, but you must handle matters with an outward calm. Be a leader, and you'll get the backing you need.

By spring these job problems will ease. And, thanks to the assistance of professional superiors, you'll be freed of the tight rein and allowed to move quickly in all directions. Your relationships with co-workers, however, remain strained. It is important that you not get into arguments, especially with those who are jealous of you. Let your imagination run wild and come up with some spectacular answers to longstanding problems. Early summer opens a very dynamic period. Plans made earlier come to fruition now. You may be paid for a job you did some time in the past, but had written off. There will be turmoil on the job, and you may find yourself working for someone new who is not supportive of you. Brothers, sisters, neighbors and teachers help you relax away from the job, but your partner will need some extra TLC in exchange for support.

You'll find the summer months to your liking. Money will be no problem, so be sure to look into a financial package for later in life. Investments now can bring slow but steady returns.

Late summer offers romantic opportunities, but not a smooth road. A love/hate relationship can turn sour if you don't back off a bit. Try to avoid arguing over money with family members.

Fall is a good time for a conservative vacation. Don't mess up all those health measures you have been working on.

The colder days at year's end clear your head. Money for holiday shopping won't be a problem if you use your wits.

You'll be able to increase your social activity and find yourself a welcome guest.