I love boots, both for comfort and looks, but regular boots do not fit. Where can I find wide-leg boots that have zippers and expansion panels?

Albee Shoes in Rockville has winter boots with zippers and expansion panels. Boyce and Lewis, with many branch stores, sells very wide boots, some with zippers.

Some of my earrings pinch. I've been told that rubber backings on the clips will ease this problem. Where can I find them?

We've scouted the area and can't find the rubber backings one sometimes finds on European earring clips. One jeweler recommends making your own -- with adhesive velvet from the hardware store, trimmed down to size, or by using Dr. Scholl's foot pads.

My hair is fine and thin and doesn't seem to grow. I've tried dermatologists with no luck. Where can I go for a hair consultation?

Many salons have conditioning specialists. Visage, the Jean Paul Salon in Spring Valley, Elizabeth Arden and many other salons give hair consultations without charge.

What are earcuffs?

Earcuffs are earrings that clasp on the outer edge of the ear, not the earlobe. Usually gold or silver-toned metal, they can be worn alone or with other, more traditional earrings.