is an FAO Schwartz shop specializing in adult board games, at White Flint Mall, lower level. 468-0331. DREAM WIZARDS -- carries all types of games, and features a bulletin board and a "gamers' registry" to help players find other gamers and groups, at 84 Halpine Court (in Congressional Plaza South), Rockville. 881-3530. AND FANTASY WORLD -- specializes in war games and sports games, but carries a selection of popular board games as well. The store also has a gamers' bulletin board, at 103 East Broad St., Falls Church. 532-2477. THE LITTLE SOLDIER SHOP -- carries a wide selection of conventional and alternative games, and has three gamers' bulletin boards, at 100 South Patrick St., Alexandria. 548- 7357.

FUN READING GAME NEWS -- This Washington-based monthly magazine covers all aspects of the gaming hobby, from traditional adult and children's board games to "alternative games" such as role-playing, war and science fiction games. Game News will be available at Waldenbooks, starting with the April issue. For subscription information, call 800/441- 7098. GAMES MAGAZINE -- This glossy magazine also features news on board games and players, but concentrates mostly on puzzles and word games. It's available at local newsstands or by subscription. Call 800/247-5470.

BY THE BOOK -- A good book with plenty of game ideas is "The World's Best Indoor Games," by Giles Brandreth (Pantheon).

For more information about games, consult your local library and bookstore. -- Joe Brown.