A Washingtonian magazine readers' poll last year selected Douglas (Greaseman) Tracht as best disc jockey in the Washington area. A recent article in the Style section incorrectly implied that the magazine's editors had made the choice.

A second commercial sponsor has withdrawn advertising from WWDC-FM to protest remarks broadcast by disc jockey Doug (The Greaseman) Tracht about killing blacks.

*WDCA (Channel 20) this week pulled its sponsorship not only from Tracht's morning show but from the radio station's other programs as well, according to Charles S. Cowdrey, vice president and general manager of Channel 20.

*"The exposure [Tracht] has gotten with his unfortunate comment . . . didn't help," Cowdrey said. Withdrawing sponsorship "is one way of this station saying we don't approve of that kind of broadcasting." On Jan. 20, the federal holiday honoring the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., Tracht said that if one assassination of a black leader were cause for a day off, then killing "four more" would mean the rest of the week off. Tracht subsequently apologized twice on WWDC for the remark and taped a similar apology in a reply to an editorial aired on WRC (Channel 4) last week.

The general manager of WWDC was unavailable for comment yesterday.

In this week's issue of The Business Review, a local business newspaper, Editor J. William Graff called for "businesses that buy time on the Greaseman program . . . to cancel their schedule on WWDC. Customers of businesses that continue to support the Greaseman can call those merchants and tell them they do not care to do business with anyone who supports such destructive programming."

Graff wrote, "The Greaseman King Holiday remark provides the community with what may be its best opportunity to exorcise itself of this audio pornographer and those who foist his type of tasteless fare on the community." He invited people to join him on the picket line. The station has been picketed twice by a group of Howard University students that has scheduled a similar protest Monday.

Cowdrey said WDCA was a "pretty heavy" advertiser on WWDC-FM, but declined to give even an estimate of how much it spends weekly with the station. He ads on Tracht's show was between $400 and $600 per spot.

The decision to remove the ads from the morning show takes place immediately, Cowdrey said, and the rest of the ads will be removed when the cancellation clause of the current advertising contract is satisfied.

"We happen to reach an awful lot of the black community with our station," he explained. "It is part of our marketing plan. And we care about those viewers."

Last week Peoples Drug Stores dropped its advertising from the Tracht show, but it is continuing to advertise on other WWDC programs.

Joseph Pollard, vice president of advertising and public relations for Peoples, said yesterday that he had received 11 "all positive" letters regarding the move.