IF CONSISTENCY is a virtue, then country music offers better candidate for sainthood than Conway Twitty. This good ol' boy with the funny name may never be as fashionable as Willie, Waylon or Kris, but his recordings have proven more reliable than theirs. Twitty not only knows what he likes, he invariably finds and records what he likes. So if your tastes coincide with his, you're not likely to be disappointed.

His latest collection, "Chasin' Rainbows," is as good an example of this as any. A tried and true mixture of ballads with big themes ("The Legend and the Man," already a hit single), unabashed country weepers ("She Did"), seductive pleas ("I'm the Man in the Song") and brisk, tuneful laments ("Lay Me Down in Carolina"), the album may lack surprises, but it's entertaining, well sung and intelligently produced.

Like Twitty's sturdy baritone, the arrangements are to the point, occasionally embellished by Charlie McCoy's harmonica and softened by the gentle harmonies of Vince Gill, the Whites and others. The one exception is Twitty's regrettable reprise of David Gates' sappy hit "Baby I'm-a-Want You." But then, no one said Twitty was perfect -- just consistent.