Quicksilver youthsploitation moviemaking at its most youthsploitative, doesn't include breakdancing, although it does include bikedancing, which sort of rhymes with breakdancing.

Jack Casey (Kevin Bacon) is a hotshot stock trader, but when he makes a risky bid one day and loses it all, he decides to trade in his three-piece-suit for a 10-speed-bike, taking a job as a bicycle messenger. Or as he explains: "When I'm on the street, I feel good, I feel . . . good." Working for the Quicksilver messenger agency, he meets a bunch of street kids from the ecumenical rosters of Central Casting.

Voodoo (Larry Fishburne): a black guy who's gotten involved delivering drugs for the Gypsy (Rudy Ramos). Terri (Jami Gertz): the little match girl who talks tough, but isn't. Hector (Paul Rodriguez): His dream in life is to buy his own hot dog stand, "Hector's Hot Dogs." Tiny, Airborne, Apache, Shorty . . .

Life's dealt these kids a pair of twos, but aw, that won't keep 'em down. They got dreams. They got romance. They got meaningful glances to exchange. And they got heart.

Mostly, they got music. "Quicksilver" features another wall-to-wall rock score courtesy of busy music supervisor Becky Mancuso, composed of songs by Roger Daltrey, Giorgio Moroder, Ray Parker Jr. and Peter (yes, he's still alive) Frampton, with such edifying suggestions as "Get, get what you need, 'Cause we've got something here together," and "I am trading these chains for wings."

Even the teen-age girls in the seats in front of me, who began twitching every time this noise took up again, were heard to exclaim "Why is she so dumb?" the second time Terri ran off into a dark alley to be pursued by the evil Gypsy. Why, you ask? Well, obviously, it's there so there can be another bicycle chase so the noise can return and you can start twitching again, you silly goose.

According to the press kit, "Producer Daniel Melnick's personal stamp on films has always been to avoid the obvious, the cliche'." Uh, Dan . . . you lost your stamp.

Quicksilver, at area theaters, is rated PG.