Some memories huddle in a grainy light. What it is is a number of similar events bunching themselves, superimposing themselves, to make a false memory, a collage, a mental artifact. Within the boundaries of one such memory one plunges from year to year, is small and helpless, is a little older: one remembers it all but it is nothing that happened, that clutch of happenings, of associations, those gifts and ghosts of meanings.

If I can, if I concentrate, whiten the light -- or yellow-whiten it, actually -- and when the graininess goes, it is suddenly one afternoon.

From the ending of "Angel," after God has appeared in Harvard Yard:

What came next was simply a somewhat sluggish return to a usual afternoon light, a Yankee sobriety of Massachusetts at 4:06 -- approximately -- it was not clear at what moment. It was gone, and some people were crying and others were carrying on somewhat, and that was distracting. I was bathed in the afternoon's ordinary river of white light, yellow light, its faint heat and the damp coolness near the ground and struggling to grow, an invisible harsh corn, into the ice fields of winter.

. . . In the end, what was startling was that no one testified at the time. Or rather, it was all journalism and shock at first. And then came lyric attempts, and much cross-referencing back and forth.

Only after many years were there convincing but frail and as if whispered attempts at honesty, of which this is one. Books

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