Roots rock, and free parking: If the pairing appeals to you, consider a stop this Friday, or any of a number of future Fridays, at the Bethesda American Legion Hall. Yes. Though never a particularly famous rock 'n' roll venue, the 200-seat hall is where frustrated clubgoer Marc Gretschel now holds his weekly Twist and Shout concerts -- meant for those who share Gretschel's taste for rhythm 'n' blues, straight-ahead rock, rockabilly and assorted New Orleans-based musical kin. (For about a year, the dances -- Gretschel and friends' alternative to the big-hassle, bigger-ticket downtown club scene -- grew in popularity as they alternated irregularly among firehouses in Adelphi, College Park and elsewhere.)

In any case, Twist and Shout seems to have found a home, at least temporarily -- for the following guests: the Choirboys, this Friday; the Rhythm Masters, March 28; Richmond's Meteors, April 4; Charlottesville's Kokomotions, April 11; guitarist Tom Principato and trio, April 25; and New Orleans Zydeco band Terrence Simien and the Mallot Playboys, on Sunday, April 27. (Cajun fiddler Dewey Balfa is due July 19, with Tracy Schwarz.)

Admission is $4 (probably more for the imported Louisiana fare); cash bar. The American Legion Hall is at 4800 Auburn Avenue, off Old Georgetown Road. Call 652-3212.