THOSE affable ursids, the Care Bears, return to the delight of their toddler-aged fans in one of three G-rated children's movies opening this weekend. Along with those characters from the Clan of the Care Bears, Disney re-releases its classic "Sleeping Beauty," and TV's Saturday morning "Gobots" star in their first movie.

The cuddly ones are taking to Roman numerals as easily as Rocky and Rambo with their new issue, "Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation." It stars the Bears and their Care Bear Cousins, along with the newborn Care Bear Cubs and their Care Cousin Cubs. They become the champions of caring by outwitting Dark Heart, the master of evil, who tries to swamp a cargo ship of orphan cubs.

The Great Wishing Star sends a giant wave, which turns into a rainbow ramp that carries the ship to safety. True Heart Bear and Noble Heart Horse are featured players in this sweetness- and-light odyssey, which one adult moviegoer equated with having your mouth full of those sticky marshmallow Easter bunnies. But the little ones, apparently, love the bears. And the soundtrack, with Dean and Carol Parks, Debbie Allen and Stephen Bishop, is in Dolby.

"Sleeping Beauty," which reappears about every five years, is the story of Princess Aurora and handsome Prince Philip, who awakens her from a magical sleep. More than 300 artists contributed to this animated adaptation of the 17th-century fairytale. Originally released in 1959, it features the voices of Mary Costa and Bill Shirley in the title roles.

The Gobots, stars of the hottest of the Saturday-morning cartoons, are making their movie debut. These TV transformers, animated good guys, engage in a "Battle of the Rock Lords." The voices of Margot Kidder, Roddy McDowall, Michael Nouri and Telly Savalas are featured.