As many as one in four of the 60 million school-age children in this country may live in alcoholic homes. Between 6 1/2 million and 7 million of these children of alcoholics are under 18.

Among other facts from experts in the field:

* Sons of alcoholic fathers are four times more likely to become alcoholics.

* Daughters of alcoholic mothers are three times more likely to become alcoholics.

* Daughters of alcoholics are more likely to marry alcoholics. As many as 35 percent of children of alcoholics marry someone who either is or will become alcoholic.

* Abnormally high numbers of children of alcoholics go through the juvenile justice system and mental-health facilities.

* Children of alcoholics often also are grandchildren of alcoholics.

* Alcohol is a factor in as much as 90 percent of child- abuse cases.

Among findings in a national, four-year study run by Claudia Black, an expert in treating children of alcoholics:

The incidence of mothers becoming violent is three times greater in alcoholic homes than in nonalcoholic families.

* The incidence of fathers becoming violent is 8 times greater in alcoholic families than in nonalcoholic homes.

* Incest is twice as likely to be evident in alcoholic families.