In "Care Bears Movie II," the evil Dark Heart threatens the Kingdom of Caring. True Heart Bear and Noble Heart Horse (he's one of the Care Bear Cousins) do their utmost to keep the Caring Meter from plunging to zero. They enlist the other Care Bears. They move the Care Bear Cubs to a safer location. And they protect some kids, Christy, Dawn and John, from Dark Heart and the liabilities of not caring.

Christy, Dawn and John, you see, aren't very good at anything. But the Care Bears tell them that they do, indeed, have a special ability: "For starters, everyone can share their feelings." Then there's "Good friends are the real champs." The advice continues in this vein, mostly in song:

Give a little here

A little there

It doesn't take much to show you care.



We all have feelings

We like to give our love and get love back . . .

Life is good

When you're growing up.

Like the original "Care Bears Movie," "Care Bears Movie II" is nothing but an insidious feature-length toy commercial. But since Funshine Bear has taught me to look on the bright side, I will admit that the animation in the sequel is of a higher quality: The colors are more vivid, the backgrounds richer and more detailed, and there is at least one sequence (in which Dark Heart transmutes from an ape to a turtle to a dinosaur as he walks out a door) that is almost imaginative. The songs are dopey, but the score (by Patricia Cullen), which is mostly seven kinds of sprightly, has its occasional moments.

In "Care Bears VII," Harmony Bear changes his name to Leo Buscaglia and does battle with Dark Heart Donahue.

Care Bears Movie II, is rated G and will bore the eyebrows off adults.