American Ballet Theatre Artistic Director Mikhail Baryshnikov apparently doesn't mind taking a dip with a friend or two. On his day off this week between ABT's performances in Los Angeles and San Diego, the dancer went swimming with two Pacific black whales in a private holding tank at Sea World in San Diego. Baryshnikov swam "for the better part of an hour" with the whales, said Jackie Hill, a spokeswoman for Sea World. The animals each weigh about 900 pounds and are about 11 feet long, said Hill, but Baryshnikov seemed unafraid.

The ABT director, who has been a longtime supporter of the Save the Whales campaign, had asked to swim with whales or dolphins. Hill said Sea World receives many such requests, but often cannot accommodate them. "This was really something rather special," she said.

After the swim, Baryshnikov and other ABT dancers watched the Shamu Killer Whale show at the park. The company concludes its San Diego performances tonight and moves to the Kennedy Center April 2 for about three weeks.

Jane Weinberger's Book Bash

Jane Weinberger, wife of Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger, threw a book party in her Kalorama home yesterday to honor Beatrice Noyes, wife of former Washington Star editor Newbold Noyes, and Sarah and Charity Hardison, daughters of O.B. Hardison, the former Folger Library director who is now a professor at Georgetown University. More than 60 people came to the afternoon tea to celebrate the publication of Noyes' book, "Wigglesworth," and the Hardisons' book, "The Wisely Dragon," by Windswept House. The Maine-based publication company, which is about 1 1/2 years old and primarily publishes stories for young people, is owned by Jane Weinberger, who is the author of five children's books.

The Doles' Hoop Tilt

There's a "good-natured family feud" going on between Sen. Robert J. Dole and his wife Elizabeth Hanford Dole, secretary of transportation, according to the senator's press secretary. Though they are on the same side of the fence politically, the high-powered Washington couple doesn't see eye-to-eye when it comes to basketball. In the NCAA Championship semifinal basketball game today, Bob's alma mater, the University of Kansas, takes on Duke University, Elizabeth's alma mater.

After numerous suggestions from staff and other concerned individuals about what stakes should be set, the Doles have agreed that the one whose team loses must make a $500 contribution to the victorious school's general scholarship program. Both Doles have sent telegrams to the coaches of their favored teams.

End Notes

Former U.N. ambassador Jeane Kirkpatrick, who received the first Raymond and Miriam Klein Foundation Annual Award for the Enhancement of Jewish Life Tuesday night at the Four Seasons Hotel, donated the $100,000 award to an existing Georgetown University chair that sponsors a visiting Israeli professor every year. A spokesman for the foundation said the donation "came as a surprise to us" . . .

Writer Arnost Lustig, who teaches creative writing and film writing at American University, won the 1986 National Jewish Book Award for Fiction for his work "The Unloved: From the Diary of Perla S.," beating out such competitors as E.L. Doctorow and Erich Segal. Lustig received the same prize in 1980, but said, "This one is the nicest. I really was scared to publish the book, so this prize really makes me happy." He will be honored at a ceremony June 3 in New York City . . .

If you want to see James Brown before his concert at the Convention Center tomorrow night, you might catch him at Erol's video store in Camp Springs, Md. He's scheduled to make an appearance there this afternoon between 2 and 3 p.m.