HERE'S ONE MORE tribute to actor Jimmy Cagney, who died Sunday at the age of 86 after a film career that spanned five decades. How well do you remember the movies that live on?1. Cagney began his show business career as a dancer. Although he is best known for his gangster roles, he occasionally took his tap shoes out of the trunk and put them on to the delight of his fans. In which movie did he appear with Dick Powell and Ruby Keeler?

a. "Footlight Parade."

b. "42nd Street."

c. "Johnny Come Lately."

d. "Something to Shout About." 2. Pat O'Brien appeared with Cagney in all of the following except:

a. "Torrid Zone".

b. "What Price Glory."

c. "Ceiling Zero."

d. "The Fighting 69th. " 3. Cagney co-starred in the 1935 screen version of "A Midsummer Night's Dream." What role did he play?

a. Puck.

b. Bottom.

c. Lysander.

d. Oberon. 4. In "The Bride Came C.O.D." Cagney played a flying delivery boy. Who was the bride?

a. Laraine Day.

b. Bette Davis.

c. Ann Sheridan.

d. Marie Wilson. 5. In which film did Cagney perform the classic song "I Don't Want to Play in Your Yard"?

a. "St. Louis Kid."

b. "Blonde Crazy."

c. "The Oklahoma Kid."

*d. "Hard to Handle." 6. Match Cagney's screen occupation with the name of the film:

a. Soft drink executive.

b. Newspaperman.

c. Politician.

d. Dentist.

e. Boxer.

1. "City for Conquest."

2. "Strawberry Blonde."

3. "A Lion in the Streets."

4. "Come Fill the Cup."

5. "One, Two, Three." 7. Cagney won a Best Actor Oscar for his performance as George M. Cohan in "Yankee Doodle Dandy." For which other film did he receive a nomination?

a. "Love Me or Leave Me."

b. "Mister Roberts."

c. "The Roaring Twenties."

d. "The Gallant Hours." 8. During his long career, Cagney even tried his hand at directing. Name the film in which he was found behind the camera.

a. "Law and Order."

b. "Main Street After Dark."

c. "Badlands of Dakota."

d. "Short Cut to Hell." 9. Name the actress who -- in the now-famous scene from "The Public Enemy" -- was the recipient of a grapefruit in the face delivered by a young and brash Jimmy Cagney.

a. Bebe Daniels.

b. Joan Blondell.

c. Mae Clarke.

d. Alison Skipworth. 10. After a 20-year absence from the screen, Cagney returned as the crusty police commissioner in the film version of E.L. Doctorow's best-selling novel "Ragtime." Who was the director?

a. Robert Wise.

b. Milos Forman.

c. Arthur Hiller.

d. Roman Polanski. QUIZ ANSWERS:

1. a, "Footlight Parade."

2. b, "What Price Glory."

3. b, Bottom.

4. b, Bette Davis.

5. c, "The Oklahoma Kid."

6. a-5, "One, Two, Three"; b-4, "Come Fill the Cup"; c-3, "A Lion in the Streets"; d-2, "Strawberry Blonde"; e-1, "City for Conquest."

7. a, "Love Me or Leave Me."

8. d, "Short Cut to Hell" (1958).

9. c, Mae Clarke.

10. b, Milos Forman.