Here are some of the other people who can easily get George Bush on the phone and who will most likely surface as powers in the Bush '88 operation:

*Treasury Secretary James Baker. Baker and Bush have been Houston country club friends since the late 1960s. In 1970, Bush asked Baker to run his unsuccessful Texas Senate race in an effort to help Baker get over his wife's death. A few years later, Baker asked Bush to be godfather to his youngest daughter. As chairman of Bush's 1980 presidential campaign, Baker was widely credited with getting Bush out of the race in time to preserve his chances to be vice president.

*Dean Burch. A long-time GOP warhorse who worked for Barry Goldwater. Burch met Bush when Burch was chairman of the Republican National Committee in 1964; in '80, he was the chief of staff for Bush's presidential race.

*Vic Gold. A writer who is Bush's frequent tennis partner and is currently helping him write his autobiography. "I knew him when he was an asterisk," says Gold, who met Bush in 1964 when Gold was assistant press secretary for Goldwater.

*Robert Mosbacher. A wealthy Texas oil executive and long-time friend who was Bush's finance chairman in 1980 and also helped Bush on his unsuccessful Texas Senate race. He is now finance chairman for the Fund for America's Future.

*Frederick Khedouri. Assistant to the vice president for policy, Khedouri started out in government as legislative director for David Stockman when he was in Congress. He later became an associate director of the Office of Management and Budget, engineering some of the largest domestic budget cuts. Khedouri wrote the New York speech in which Bush attacked Mario Cuomo.

*Jennifer Fitzgerald. Currently Bush's executive assistant on Capitol Hill, Fitzgerald has been with the vice president 13 years. Sources say she has enormous influence with Bush, to the consternation of other staff members. Says Fitzgerald: "I really don't have all that much power and influence. You know how it is in politics -- you always think it's the other guy who has the power."

*Ed Rollins: Director of Reagan-Bush '84 and now a political consultant who has been informally advising Bush. "I'm for George Bush unless Paul Laxalt runs," Rollins says.

*Marlin Fitzwater: Bush's press secretary, who may become the primary spokesman for the campaign. Formerly a deputy spokesman at the White House for domestic affairs, and at the Treasury Department under Don Regan, Fitzwater is considered efficient by reporters, but is not yet as influential as his predecessor, Peter Teeley.

*Peter Teeley: Former press secretary to the vice president, now a political consultant who remains close to Bush. He is expected to help with media strategy.