What the Smithsonian has in storage is in store for you this weekend at the Air and Space Museum's Wings and Things, an annual open hangar of the museum's collection of aircraft housed in its Garber Preservation, Restoration and Storage Facility. From 10 to 3 on Saturday and Sunday, you can view more than 90 historic airplanes, some of which are being restored. You can see the fuselage of the Enola Gay (the WWII B-29 that bombed Hiroshima) and the world's first operational jet bomber, the German Arado 234. Experts will answer questions about those planes and what they're doing to restore them. There'll also be model airplane and kite building demonstrations, a look at how the Air and Space Museum sets up its exhibits and even a chance to see the sun through a special telescope. And if you bring a camera, you can strap on a genuine helmet and crawl into the cockpit of an F-100 Super Sabre and have your picture taken. Free. The facility is in Suitland near Iverson Mall. To get there, take Beltway Exit 4-B (St. Barnabas Road) three miles to Silver Hill Road and follow signs. 357-2700.