You don't have time to wonder what to do this weekend. There's too much to do this weekend -- starting with the return of original, live rock to Babes. On Friday, this means punchy pop from B-Time and Little Big; Saturday, some hip rockabilly and R&B from Laurence Beall & the Sultans, and the Megatones. Sunday it's the original pop of The Next Step and the Furies. There's a three-buck, one-drink minimum.

Local-boy-made-album Tommy Keene ("Places That Are Gone," Geffen) returns to one of those places that are not gone, the 9:30 Club, for one show this Sunday.

And Downtown, the Wammy award band with a playlist exceeded only by its mailing list, appears just about everyplace but downtown this weekend, including Fitzwilly's in Alexandria Friday, Mosby's Tavern in Middleburg Saturday, and at Bladensburg's Crossroads on Sunday. A few other gems likely to shine after dark: New Yorker J.J. Ramirez (with local openers Ed Wilsinski and David Klein) tearing things up -- and this includes many front-row patrons -- at the Crystal City Comedy Club Friday and Saturday; the Admirals, at Visions in Bladensburg on Friday, and another solid showcase-lounge act, David Grayson & Carnaby Street, Friday and Saturday at the Springfield Hilton's West Indies Trading Company. AND BUSINESS

Musicians not working this weekend may very well be wondering why, and may very well find out at this Saturday's first annual Baltimore, Washington and Virginia Music Business Forum, an all-day affair at the New Carrollton Sheraton sponsored by Liaison Records (in Beltsville, call 937-6161). A $25 registration fee will get you into six ballrooms of exhibits, lectures and panel discussions on topics that include clubs and promotion, independent and major record labels, contracts, attorneys, performing rights and the benefits of such professional groups as the Washington Area Music Association (WAMA). And speaking of them:

Last month, WAMA started publishing a monthly digest of local music-biz news. If subsequent issues of the newsletter are as informative and direct -- and as free of the kind of unspecific, self-important errata that mar local-music publications the world over -- the "WAMA News" alone makes a $25 WAMA membership worthwhile. "Anybody who's doing anything related to music in Washington is urged to send it to us," says volunteer editor Ted Macaluso, who probably will be sorry he said that. (Until then: Box 6253, Arlington VA 22206, or call 671-4551.)

Finally: Deadline for the Songwriters' Association of Washington's fourth annual Mid-Atlantic Song Contest is next Wednesday. For entry forms for the contest -- with a grand prize of a "shopping trip" to New York, to meet genuine Industry Executives -- call 662-7361 or send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to SAW, 1377 K St. NW Suite 632, DC 20005.