Q: I've got a wedding coming up and lots of shoes to dye. The shoes I have found so far seem outdated. Can you help?

A: At The Hope Chest (129 South Royal St., Alexandria) you can virtually design your own shoe, selecting heel height, choice of white china silk, satin or crepe plus a white paisley or brocade that can be dyed to the color of your choice from a swatch of the dress fabric. The store will also bead or sequin and applique' lace to specification.

Q: My body and the bathing suits now on the racks are a total mismatch. Is there anyplace where I can get custom-made swimsuits?

A: Swimwear designer Jeannie Chung creates swimsuits to order at Stein's Theatrical and Dance Center, Arlington. At a price competitive with off-the-rack suits, she'll create swimwear styles to your needs, from the most conservative to the most revealing.

Q: When can I start wearing my patent leather shoes again?

A: In the strictest sense, they are a post-Memorial Day fashion for daywear and acceptable year-round for evening wear. However, many of Washington's style-conscious women wear patent leather year-round.

Q: I love the new cotton knit dresses but they are too revealing in every way for me to wear without underwear and too cutout to wear with it. Any suggestions?

A: Try wearing a running bra underneath or one of the new cotton stretch body suits. They should both be helpful in wearing something so see-through and with such deep-cut armholes.

Q: It is time to store my fake fur coat. Does it need any special care and feeding?

A: Most fake furs labels suggest that they be cleaned the same method as real fur. However, fake furs get dirtier than real fur -- not only because they often get harder wear but because they absorb more dirt. Because cleaner are nervous about going outside of care-label methods, you should discuss with your.

Once clean, be sure not to store in a damp or hot place, and give the coat some room so the fake fur does not get matted down.