Newsletter editors tend to dismiss design elements as "cosmetic, superficial treatment," says graphic designer and communications consultant Jeanne L. McClaran of Ann Arbor, Mich. "That's a mistake," says McClaran, who estimates that in the last six years she has advised over 5,000 newsletter editors at her comprehensive seminars. "Functional design encourages skim reading and movement through the publication so that the reader is going to scan as much information as possible and digest it."

Newsletter Editing, Design and Production Seminar sponsored by Promotional Perspectives, June 10, Baltimore. Tuition, $265 per person, includes manuals and tools. For more information: (313) 994-0007.

Newsletter Association Fred Goss' reminders to a novice considering a newsletter launch:

*You are overestimating the number of people willing to subscribe to the newsletter, but underestimating the price those interested will be willing to pay. Look again at your numbers.

*A great newsletter idea for which there appears to be no mailing lists is a lousy newsletter idea. Know exactly who is going to buy this newsletter and how to reach them.

*Study and learn the theory and practice of direct-mail marketing. The success of your newsletter will depend on how well you market it.

Other resources include:

The Newsletter Association, 1341 G St. NW, Suite 700, Washington, D.C. 20005. (202) 347-5220. Membership, $250 a year, includes subscription to biweekly industry newsletter, Hotline, the book Success in Newsletter Publishing, as well as announcements of seminars.

The Newsletter Clearinghouse, 44 W. Market St., P.O. Box 311, Rhinebeck, N.Y. 12572. (914) 876-2081. Publishes the Newsletter Yearbook Directory ($60); biweekly Newsletter on Newsletters ($96 a year) and sells a book, Publishing Newsletters ($23.95, includes postage).

Editing Your Newsletter: A Guide to Writing, Design and Production by Mark Beach (recommended by reviewers in almost 150 national publications and used as text in dozens of college and professional workshops; $9.95 paper, $17.50 hardcover).

Getting It Printed (How to Work with Printers and Graphic Arts Services) by Mark Beach ($29.50 paper, $42.50 hardcover). Both published by Coast to Coast Books, 2934 N.E. 16th Ave., Portland, Ore. 97212. (503) 282-5891. Available in Washington area at Visual Systems stores.

International Newsletter Conference, sponsored by The Newsletter Association. June 1-4 at the Mayflower Hotel. Members, $360; nonmembers, $495. Intensive seminar workshop presentations on every phase of newsletter publishing. For brochure or to register, contact Newsletter Association.