If you showed up at the Georgetown Holiday Inn on a recent weekend for a night of Garvin's Laugh-Inn standup comedy, you were probably stood up. Garvin's proprietor Harry Monocrusos has moved his operation to Georgetown's Fish Market, in Canal Square, wherein the two-man shows now occur twice a night, Friday and Saturday, for $6.99, no drink minimum, and with the Fish Market's full menu available. Call 726-1334.

Also, don't be going to Loews L'Enfant Plaza Hotel looking for those "Comedy a la Carte" ensemble shows by the six-person Park Place Players troupe: They've also relocated. Starting this Friday and Saturday, they'll be on stage every Wednesday through Saturday night at J.J. Mellons, 1201 Pennsylvania Ave. (Seats are $6, plus a $10 minimum per person).

Call me crazy, but this little area -- with both the Warner and National within a two-block walk -- may yet be some kind of "theater district," despite the best intentions of its architects, who didn't let anyone live here. J.J. Mellons is just across the tree-filled terrace from Chez Artiste, home of a recently renovated popular-music cabaret, and of the Capitol Steps musical political satire troupe. How nice.