IF YOUR idea of fun on a Saturday afternoon is watching two people draped with fabric just sitting there, then "Cup" is your cup of tea. This is the performance art of Larry Miller, a last-day fillip to his show that closes this Saturday at the Washington Project for the Arts. It is said that the two performers, and the cup placed between them, become sculptures, and the audience becomes art, too, as it circles the pair and drops various and sundry into the cup.

"The viewer doesn't accept it as being as simple as it is," says Lynn McCary of the WPA. If viewers want to get beneath the surface, they can study Miller's show, "As if the Universe Were an Object." A member of the Fluxus Movement of "prankster" art (along with John Cage and Yoko Ono), Miller has consulted psychics for his art, and a number of his ideas have come out of hypnosis.

In one of the works in the show, Miller's weight in carrots is slowly sinking into the grass planted there.

The gallery is starting to smell funny.

CUP -- Saturday 11 to 5 at Washington Project for the Arts, 400 Seventh St. NW.