Take a car pool to work and change it every month until you find one with interesting men. That's one tip writer Shelley Klein offers women who are willing to make it their business to find a mate.

*"If you run into a man at a laundromat, tell him you operate a clothing labeling business and you'd be happy to personalize his labels," she suggests. "If it works, he'll only be flattered that you lied to meet him anyway."

For the "very lonely woman," Klein recommends "answering help-wanted ads for jobs you have no intention of taking" just to meet men who have achieved a position of hiring. "You know, the job interview is a great excuse for asking some very personal questions."

She also raves about "the power shuttle" between Washington and New York: "There are tons of men on that flight. If I had a lot of money and no job and no man, I'd hop on that shuttle and fly it back and forth."

But the best step toward finding a man and a career, says Klein, is to land them both simultaneously. Here's her target list of professions manned mostly by men:

Firefighters: 99.9 percent male; national median salary $18,200.

Airline pilots: 98 percent male; $75,000 national average salary.

FBI agents: 95 percent male; starting salary $20,000 and up.

Dentists: 94 percent male; $65,900 national median salary.

Engineers: 94 percent male; $36,726 national salary average.

Optometrists: 93 percent male; $55,000 national mean after nine years.

Architects: 89 percent male; $39,400 national mean earnings.

Police Officers: 89 percent male; $18,600 national median.

Surveyors: 88 percent male; national average salary $26,240.

Geologists/Geophysicists: 86 percent men; $33,000 national median salary.

"In addition to picking a right career and picking the right city -- that's the way to up your odds by 10 million percent -- check out the building," says Klein. "It is much better to take a job in a building that has five floors or 10 floors than one with only two floors, because there are more opportunities. Stand in the lobby and see who goes up and down in the elevators.

"Also, check out the stores within a five-block radius of the building. Look for camera stores, sports equipment stores, book stores, places where men are going to be. The simplest way to meet men at work is to be surrounded by them . . . at every turn."