Bliss Temple, 11, and Vicki Vantoch, 12, have just completed sixth-grade at Haycock Elementary School in McLean, Va. While coming home from an outing at King's Dominion, the girls were inspired to come up with a list that they believe every parent should heed:

Let kids choose their own clothes.

2. Treat all kids equally.

3. Get everyone's side before you judge.

4. Don't be nicer to those who cry all the time.

5. Teach your kids to know what's in the food they eat.

6. Let kids make their own decisions.

7. Let kids learn by experience.

8. Never push a kid to do something that's supposed to be fun.

9. Teach kids to be sanitary.

10. Teach kids to be independent.

11. Trust your kids.

12. Never spoil a kid.

13. Don't always do what your kid says.

14. Teach kids manners when they are young.

15. Know what's happening at your kid's school.

16. Use constructive criticism and compliments.

17. Make a point of not drinking, smoking or stealing.

18. Make a point of keeping yourself healthy.

19. Never hit your kids anywhere but the behind.

20. Don't embarrass kids in front of their friends.

21. Feed your kids enough, but don't force-feed them.

22. Teach them about growing up so they don't learn it from friends and get the wrong idea.

23. Let them speak openly to you about anything.

24. Never put down what they say (unless they use bad language).

25. Consider kids' privacy.

26. Teach them to be themselves in front of friends.

27. Teach kids not to show off.

28. Teach kids to be tough.

29. Teach kids to share.

30. Teach kids not to pout.

31. Teach kids not to get angry for unimportant reasons.

32. Keep kids from picking up bad habits.

33. Teach kids to be humble.

34. Teach kids to be considerate.

35. Teach kids to apologize and not to hold grudges.

* Please read this list and seriously consider it. It will make your relationship with your kids better and make you both happier, too!

Please read it to your kids and see if they agree.