Further clarifications have arrived on the case of the James Joyce Society of Washington and the case (actually a cardboard box) of whiskey. The story becomes more and more Joycean each day.

Nobody at St. Stephen and the Incarnation Church is aware of a case of whiskey concealed on the premises since 1982. "If it had been," according to office manager Jane Lincoln, "it would probably have been drunk by now. We have a lot of traffic through our boiler room, homeless men taking showers seven days a week . . . demonstrators, free clinics, soup kitchens. It's a chaotic, wild environment. A case of whiskey wouldn't last long." Perhaps it didn't.

NoreenBuckley Seiler (the "Noreen" of the clues) has not worked in the church for years, and anyone asking for her at the office (now on Newton, not Center, Street, as one of the clues had said, and for a while a post office box) would probably have been greeted with incomprehension.

The trouble undoubtedly is that when the riddle was published in February 1982 on the 100th anniversary of Joyce's birth, the James Joyce Society expected it to be solved within a few weeks. It was never solved and so the prize was awarded by lottery Monday.

"People have been calling in and asking where we have the whiskey hidden," Lincoln said. "I have been getting phone calls in Joycean gobbledygook." This should cease immediately.