The station that won a local Emmy award for "A Community at War" was incorrectly listed in Monday's Style section. The winner was WDVM-TV.

It was heaven on earth for the luminaries of Channel 9 (WDVM), who basked in the stardust of the 28th annual local Emmy Awards Saturday night. For the third consecutive year, the CBS affiliate captured the most Emmys and the award for broadcasting excellence. WDVM garnered 32 awards, including the prestigious Ted Yates Memorial Award, in a night best described as down-home elegance. The Washington chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences lauded individuals and programs at a reception and ceremony at the National Museum of American History.

ABC affiliate WJLA (Channel 7) was runner-up with 17 Emmys, followed by NBC affiliate WRC (Channel 4) with 16 and independent station WTTG-TV (Channel 5) with eight. Station WHMM (Channel 32) was awarded three Emmys and WDCA won one. Awards for independent productions and a special student award resulted in 81 awards.

At a reception before the ceremony, nominees nibbled at strawberries dipped in raspberry and Grand Marnier sauce and bite-size biscuits with country ham and watercress, chatting against an old-timey backdrop of a 19th-century Singer sewing machine and McCormick reaper. They wore black-tie or sequined gowns, with one nominee decked out in sneakers and a tuxedo.

Several Channel 4 faces -- reporters Susan King and Lea Thompson, and sportscaster George Michael -- gathered on one side of the museum's swinging pendulum. But not Dave Marash, a Channel 4 news anchor, who was on the other side of the room. Leaning on a cane, Marash was spending his first Emmy night in Washington since leaving New York about a year ago

"My knee attacked me," he said, adding that he's had knee problems since he was 6. Marash had only one suggestion for the summer night event: "They've either got to have it earlier in the year or get rid of the black tie." Marash won an Emmy for a music special he produced.

Opting not to wear black tie was John McLaughlin, producer and leader of the panel on "The McLaughlin Group," up for an Emmy in the independent productions category. Although McLaughlin didn't win, he did talk about the show's success, particularly its jump from being carried on about 22 stations four years ago to 220 stations now, including California outlets.

"My show does very big in Eureka Calif. ," he said. And when asked about Robert Novak, the conservative Mr. Know-It-All on the show, he said, "He's vile, isn't he?"

Nominee Ellen Kingsley, a WDVM consumer reporter whose documentary "Breast Cancer: A Portrait of Hope" was nominated for best documentary, said at the reception, "I would be very upset if I didn't win, because I put my whole life blood in the story."

Later, Kingsley found reason to be pleased when she received a standing ovation from the crowd of about 400 for winning the Ted Yates Memorial Award. The award, given to an individual who has demonstrated outstanding professional and personal qualities in contributions to Washington, honors reporter Ted Yates, who was killed in the Middle East.

Kingsley, with bittersweet emotion, told the crowd, "Someone said, 'You know, Kingsley, you'd do anything for a story, but this is ridiculous.' It wasn't ridiculous, it was something I had to do."

She joins WDVM's group of Ted Yates award winners for three consecutive years. Her documentary was among three nominees in the category, all of which won. Nominees are rated with a number system and the highest score wins. This can result in multiple winners. WDVM swept the program and individual categories of regular public affairs (on location) and investigative reporting, and won most of the news series and broadcast image awards

In addition, WDVM's Paul Reece won the award for individual achievement in newscast production for writing achievement. Last year, WDVM won 26 Emmys, and in 1984 it won 22.

Producers of WJLA's program "The Curable Cancer" won the Washington Community Service Award, presented by D.C. Commissioner on Social Services Audrey Rowe. The station also swept the individual category of regular public affairs (studio) and the programs category for sports programming.

WRC swept most of the children's programs categories, and its segment "Run for the Roses," produced by George Michael, racked up most of the Emmys for sports programming segments.

While there was little ad-libbed joking among the local hosts, in keeping with time constraints, videotaped segments from entries such as WRC reporter Steve Doocy's segment on the "Tourist Zone" provided comic relief.

"Tourist Zone" was among the winners for the individual and program categories of news segments. Also, "Doocy's Teacher" won an Emmy for broadcast image promotion.

"Someone once said that getting an award for television was like getting kissed by someone with bad breath," quipped the bouncing, blond Doocy. "Well, obviously they never won an Emmy."

In between handing out batches of awards, Maury Povich, who will soon be leaving Channel 5's 10 p.m. news and "Panorama" for a temporary assignment in New York, took time out to talk about himself.

"This is an important occasion," Povich said. "I've just hit the downside of the hat trick. I'm with glasses to read now; my hair has gone from brown to gray to white; and I'm going to that gulag in New York for the summer. I want to thank my Channel 5 family and to tell them to keep my seat warm. I'll be home in the fall."

*The NATAS Student Achievement Award went to Rachel Freed of American University, who won for a 30-second public service announcement called "Profile: PCP Victim."

The local Emmy ceremonies are where the industry celebrates itself as well as individual and broadcasting excellence. Broadcasting peers from Philadelphia, Boston, Miami and San Francisco rate the nominees.

There was even recognition for the nominees who didn't tote home the golden, winged angel bearing an orbiting globe.

On receiving his Emmy, WDVM's John Goldsmith said, "I'd like to accept this for everyone who doesn't get an Emmy or wasn't nominated for one . . . so a little piece of this is for everybody with every station who did a damn fine job and didn't get nominated," he said. Program Winners

Regular Public Affairs (Studio) -- "The Carol Randolph Show: Black on Black Crime," Part 1 -- Jacqueline Gales, producer, WDVM.

Regular Public Affairs (Location) -- "Capital Edition: Country Roads" -- Jan Thompson, producer, WDVM.

Children's Programs, Regular -- "Studio Four," Kathy McCampbell, Charles Fox, producers, WRC.

-- "Pick Up the Beat" -- Susan Altman, Susan Lechner, producers, WJLA.

Children's Program, Special -- "Three Stories Tall: Black History Special" -- Julie Warmington, producer, WRC.

Entertainment Programs -- "Dynasty Daydream," Fran Murphy, producer, WTTG.

News-Oriented Programs -- "A Community at War," Jeanne Bowers, producer, WRC.

Entertainment Specials -- "Marash on Music," Dave Marash, producer, WRC.

-- "All Things Considered Black," Herb Grimes, Bill Pratt, producers, WHMM.

Documentaries -- "Focus 2007: Preview," Gail Flannigan, producer, WJLA.

-- "A Room Full of Miracles," Jeanne Bowers, producer, WDVM.

-- "Breast Cancer: A Portrait of Hope" -- Ellen Kingsley, Jeanne Smith, Judith Fiterman, producers; WDVM.

Sports Programming, Programs -- "Redskins Sunday," Mike Springirth, producer, WJLA.

-- "The Year of the Terps" -- Waymer Johnson, producer, WJLA.

Sports Programming, Segments -- "Run for the Roses," George Michael, producer, WRC.

-- "Jim Abbot" -- George Michael, Joe Schreiber, producers; WRC.

-- "Bobby Delvecchio" -- George Michael, producer, WRC.

-- "Tri-ing Hard" -- Gertrude Houston, producer, WTTG.

Program Segments -- "Businessman's Boot Camp," David Satchell, Gertrude Houston, producers, WTTG.

-- "Sailing Tall" -- Madeline LaCore, producer, WDVM.

News Segments -- "Fox Hunt," Carmen English, Wes Sarginson, producers, WJLA.

-- "Tourist Zone" -- Steve Doocy, producer, WRC.

-- "Telephone Bill" -- Pat Collins, producer, WJLA.

Spot News -- "Redskins Sting," Mike Buchanan, producer, WDVM.

-- "After the Flood" -- David Paulson, producer, WJLA.

News Series -- "Ordinary People -- No Fixed Address," Mark Seeger, Bruce Johnson, producers, WDVM.

Investigative Reporting -- "Greasing the Wheels," Kline Mengle, Diana Sperrazza, Mark Feldstein, producers, WDVM.

Community Service Awards -- "The Curable Cancer," Jane Cohen, Mary Braxton, Kay Fisher, Roberta Baskin, Kathleen Pearce, producers, WJLA.

Broadcast Image, Public Service -- "How Do You Know -- PCP," Jim Collier, Sandra B. Butler, producers, WDVM.

Broadcast Image, Promotion -- "Doocy's Teacher" -- Bob Casazza, producer, WRC.

-- "Portrait of Hope" -- Lanna K. Peavy, producer, WDVM.

Broadcast Image, Editorials -- "Editorials (Composite)" -- Rich Adams, producer, WDVM.

Independent Productions -- "Potomac: American Reflections" -- Robert Cole, Russ Nichols, producers. Individual Public Affairs

Regular Public Affairs (Studio) -- Hugh Raisky, set design, "Point to Point -- 851214," WJLA.

-- Hugh Raisky, set design, "Point to Point -- 860215," WJLA.

-- Hugh Raisky, set design, "Point to Point -- 851228," WJLA.

Regular Public Affairs (Location) -- Ron Ling, photographer, "Capital Edition: Country Roads," WDVM.

-- Ron Ling, editor, "Capital Edition: Country Roads," WDVM.

-- John Goldsmith, writer, "Capital Edition: Country Roads," WDVM.

-- Tyrone Couch, editor, "The Carol Randolph Show -- King: In Remembrance and Celebration," WDVM.

Children's Programs, Regular -- Jon Spelman, host, "Three Stories Tall," WRC.

Children's Programs, Specials -- Jon Spelman, host, "Three Stories Tall: Black History Special." WRC.

Entertainment Programs -- Bill Johnson, electronic graphics, "The Arch Campbell Show," WRC.

News-Oriented Programs -- Karen Shook, research, "The Curable Cancer," WJLA.

-- Kurt Kolaja, photographer, "A Community at War," WDVM.

Entertainment Specials -- Bill Pratt, director, "All Things Considered Black," WHMM.

-- Bill Schmitzer, lighting, "All Things Considered Black," WHMM.

Documentaries -- Tim DeLuca, photographer, "A Room Full of Miracles," WDVM.

-- Ellen Kingsley, reporter, "Breast Cancer: A Portrait of Hope," WDVM.

Sports Programming, Programs -- Mike Fornes, play-by-play, "Capitals Versus Penguins -- Washington Capitals Hockey," WDCA.

-- Dave Satchell, editor, "Redskins '85: Homestretch," WTTG.

Sports Programming, Segment -- Don Stumpo, photography, "Run for the Roses," WRC.

-- Dave Silver, photography, "Run for the Roses," WRC.

-- Bob Peterson, editor, "Run for the Roses," WRC.

-- David Satchell, photography, "Tri-ing Hard," WTTG.

-- David Satchell, editor, "Tri-ing Hard," WTTG.

Program Segments -- Osmon Corson, audio, "Businessman's Boot Camp," WTTG.

-- Tim DeLuca, photographer, "Sailing Tall," WDVM.

-- Tim DeLuca, editor, "Sailing Tall," WDVM.

News Segments -- Hal Herman, photographer "Fox Hunt," WJLA.

-- Steve Doocy, talent, "Tourist Zone," WRC.

Spot News -- Mike Buchanan, reporter, "Redskins Sting," WDVM.

-- Mike Fox, photographer, "Redskins Sting," WDVM.

-- Peter Estrada, photographer, "Gloria Hits Ocean City," WJLA.

-- David Paulson, reporter, "After the Flood," WJLA.

News Series -- Ann Rydlewicz, editor, "Mississippi Kid," WJLA.

-- Jerry Gordon, editor, "Ordinary People -- No Fixed Address," WDVM.

-- Hal Hoiland, photographer, "Ordinary People -- No Fixed Address," WDVM.

-- Bruce Johnson, reporter, "Ordinary People -- No Fixed Address," WDVM.

-- Jerry Gordon, editor, "Fat City," WDVM.

-- Karen Shook, researcher, "Radon: A Natural Disaster," WJLA.

-- Christi DeLisio, editor, "Beyond the Senses," WTTG.

-- Kline Mengle, photographer, "Kelley's Marines," WDVM.

-- Jack Cloherty, reporter, "Paying the Price," WRC.

Investigative Reports -- Kline Mengle, photographer, "Greasing the Wheels," WDVM.

-- Judy Fiterman, editor, "Greasing the Wheels," WDVM.

Individual Achievement in Newscast Production -- Paul Reece, writing achievement, WDVM.

Independent Productions -- Thomas Bramel, music composition, "Potomac: American Reflections."

-- Judith Herbert, editor, "Potomac: American Reflections."

Ted Yates Memorial Award -- Ellen Kingsley, consumer reporter, WDVM, "Breast Cancer: A Portrait of Hope."

The NATAS Student Achievement Award -- Rachel Freed, "Profile: PCP Victim."